Hi! I'm Cheri

rachelleandstaff-4bwAs a long-time practice member at GFC, I developed a rich understanding of chiropractic philosophy and the guiding principles of Life By Design. I grew to understand that I am designed to be extraordinary and that my body, given the proper environment, will always move toward health.

I also came to realize that I must share the message. I can’t keep this knowledge to myself.

My name is Cheri, and I’m the Community Ambassador of Gainsborough Family Chiropractic. I have the opportunity to inspire and help educate our practice members – I can’t imagine anything more exciting and fulfilling.

I love walking into our office and hearing the amazing stories of how we have changed the lives of the people and families we serve simply by helping them to understand that health is within them and giving them action steps.

For me to be the best leader I can be, I need to be my best self. I am a role model for my family and my team, and so, I lead by example. I get my spine checked and adjusted weekly (if needed), I fuel my body with By Design foods, I love training, and most of all I enjoy downtime with my three beautiful girls Hannah, Mya and Olivia.!

At GFC our mission is to have “1,000 Families Living their Lives By Design.” I am truly inspired by this mission and what it means for our community. It means more health and less sickness, more life and less chronic disease, more joy and less depression. That is the kind of world I want to live in and help create.

- Cheri

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