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April 13 - Are You Testing Yourself?

Early this week a good friend of mine and practice member sent me an article of a man who was diagnosed with vitamin D toxicity results in kidney failure. It took the medical team a long time to figure out what had caused the problem and the M.D said something that I think is applicable to every aspect of life – when it doubt, test.

My question to you this week is do you have objective data available for everything that you’re trying to improve in your life? Of course it’s important to know how you feel about it, but do you have numbers around it as well? If not can you get some and can you repeat test on a regular basis?

-Dr. K

April 3 - Maybe Now is Not The Best Time

Are you putting unrealistic expectations on yourself?

This week I had two wonderful people reach out to me to for advice. One asked how she should continue her work outs while she was struggling with the flu, the other how she could lose weight especially if she was finding it hard to meal prep, and eat the food she knew she would need to eat.

The first thing that popped into my mind was - a question. Is now the right time to be striving for those goals. The answer, of course, is a personal one. Maybe people train through the flu and many lose weight with young children, but that doesn’t mean that choosing to focus on something else is wrong - it’s your decision to make, and it’s ok to choose other wise.

-Dr. K

March 27 - Do You Face This And Other Lessons From The CrossFit Open 

Do you spend time facing the things that truly make you uncomfortable in life? Not uneasy, not “I’d rather not.” But truly - I’m scared to do this?

19.5, the last workout of the open, created that sense of dread in me. Feel free to laugh, I can’t see you - other peoples fears are often funny and quirky to us since we don’t see the big deal. I grew in a very safe place, my parents did everything to protect me and shelter me from stress and pain and this can was more than obvious in the physical realm. Over time I grew to shy away from physical pain and that dark physical place.

Enter 19.5 20 minutes, I knew I wasn’t going to finish, of Thrusters and chest to bar pull-ups. I didn’t get more painful than that. And yet, I lived to tell the tale and even grow from the experience.

-Dr. K

March 23 The Part Of The Day That Can Derail You 

Have you ever had one of those days where the wheels just came off? I recently just had one and the most interesting thing about it was when I reflected on the day, nothing ‘bad’ or exceptional happened, but it felt like all the wheels came off.

Your day is composed of various chunks and different tasks. You don’t just go to the gym. You wake up, make coffee, go to work, pic up your children, go to the gym, have coffee and a million other smaller chunks through out the day. Also stress and negative emotions can get transferred to the next task.

If someone upsets you while you’re at the drive-through those negative emotions can get transferred to your next task creating feelings of stress, anxiety, uneasiness and even anger.

This week, and I’ve been applying this with great success so far, I’ve learned that managing the transitions - releasing the tension and setting expectations for the next part - has been a key to help keeping the days together.

-Dr. K

March 15 - Ego is Not The Enemy 

Every once in a while I hear or read something that directly attacks the ego and claims that your ego is the root of all your problems, while simultaneously destroying the world.

I disagree, completely.

Your ego is you. It’s your consciousness or, if you like, the unique part of you that makes you an individual. Or put another way - it’s your mind. The part of you that values somethings over other things, the part of you that makes judgements, the part that wants to choose and think. It’s not surprising that the ego is vilified, society tells us they celebrate uniqueness and independent thinking but they really don’t.

Being different (ie. thinking differently about fundamental values), and I mean truly different, not superficially different is scary and upsetting to most people. This is not to say that different is always better - independent ideas are just as capable of being wrong - but it’s much easier to make you feel guilty for being you - attacking the concept of ego, then you challenging societies beliefs.

-Dr. K

March 8 Knowing Both Sides

Isn't being wrong the worst, yet the best?

There is nothing worse that that cold chill followed by complete embarrassment when your deepest conviction, the one that you vocally and passionately supported, was found to be completely wrong.

There is also nothing better because you have dropped an incorrect habit or belief from your practice.

This week I wanted to discuss how you can leverage the fact that other people think radically different than you to your advantage.

-Dr. K

March 2 - 19.1 and How to Not Compare Yourself With Others

Last week the CrossFit open got underway and I was very pleased with how I did and how my body felt after.

It’s funny though, it doesn’t take long before you start to compare your score with others and the negative self talk starts to enter your mind. Could I have done better, should I do it again, etc. 

Here is what I’ve found help in stopping that horrible negative self talk.


-Dr. K

Feb 23 - Why I’ve Quit In The Past

Dan Sullivan of Strategic Coach - you should really look him up if you’re an entrepreneur - has a concept he calls “The Gap” or being in ‘the gap.’

The gap is the mental space you fall into when you have something in mind that you want to achieve yet you’re not there yet. The gap is described as that feeling associated with the frustration of not having achieved your end result while feeling like you’re a failure because there is so much left to go.

I was reminded of the gap just yesterday, while doing the thrusters that were programmed for me in my training, how easy it is to feel like you’re not enough and you will never get there.

Of course when I turn around and look at all the good things I’ve done since the last open I feel proud of myself, but if you’re not trained to do that, it’s normal to get discouraged and quit.


-Dr. K

Feb 15 - The Source Of Self Love

I love that the idea of self love, self esteem and self care are becoming more and more popular and talked about.

I love that people are aware of the mental health struggles that we are having as a society and that they inherently recognize that we need to care for ourselves and that it’s ok to love and value yourself.

But how do we do that?

On today’s episode I discuss what I did to make the largest leaps in my feelings of self worth and self esteem.


-Dr. K

Feb 9 - How To Set Up Your Days For Success

Are you a step ahead or are you step behind?

If you’re like me then you are both. Some days I’ve got it figured out and then other days I feel like I want to hop on plane and never come back.

One of the things that I’ve noticed has made a huge impact in enjoying my days is my ability to prepare for the day ahead. If I’m able to do that, it makes a massive impact.

But how do you that? I know there are various ways, on this episode I’ll share what I do. I hope it can help.


-Dr. Kresimir Jug

Jan 25 - The Door Man Principle

Pretend your life is one room with only one door leading in and out.

The only way anything - a person, a career choice, a partner - can enter your life is through that one door. Likewise the only way they can exist is through that door.

At the door stands a door man carrying a list. On that list is a set of your values and nobody is allowed to get through the door and into your life unless they are on that list, meeting your values.

We’ve all had people, or things, in our lives, that we knew at the very beginning we shouldn’t associated with or let into our life. They don’t mesh well with us and they have brought pain an suffering. I’m not saying they are necessarily bad people, just not right for us.

The best way to avoid these things happening is to block these people from getting into your life in the first place. Use the door man principle to help.


-Dr. Kresimir Jug

Jan 18 - The Drug I’ve Been Addicted To My Whole Life 

It’s been a hard week. I had to say goodbye to a close family member. Someone I grew up with, had many experiences with and will miss tremendously.

During the whole process I noticed how the grief, trying to come to terms with the situation, and saying good bye, affected me. I was anxious, more judgemental, edgier and would do things - like bicker with my wife - for no good reason.

I also notice that when I was alone I would listen to music much more. I would want to hear songs that were familiar to me, that I knew the words to… and then I realize why I was doing this.

I was using music as something to ease my pain, to make me forget, to shift my focus, I was using it like a drug to help me cope, and I also realized that I’ve aways used music in that way.


-Dr. Kresimir Jug

Jan 10 - Follow Through With Your New Year’s Resolution 

If you’re old enough to remember the classic Seinfeld episode where Jerry Makes a reservation for a car rental you’ll quickly understand the most important point of this video.

In the episode Jerry is disappointed because the rental that he made, and was confirmed by the rental company falls through since the car is not there. The classic line was “You're great at taking a reservation, not so much at keeping the reservation.”

The same can be said with New Year’s Resolutions; it’s easy to make them, harder to follow through with your New Year’s Resolution, which is the topic of today’s video.


-Dr. K

Dec 21 - A Different Kind Of New Year’s Resolution 

It’s true that New Year’s is just a date and that you don’t need a certain date to set goals you can start anytime. It’s also true that you’ll probably fail at your New Year’s Resolutions, but this doesn’t stop me from loving this time of year.

I believe that quiet time, reflection, and planning (all qualities of a rational, reality oriented mind) are good whenever they happen, if the changing of calendar inspires you to do those things - then so be it.

This year I have a challenge for you, instead of picking a bunch of things that you would (better bod, more cash) how about you make a resolution to become the person you need to be to get those things, and then check in with yourself on a regular basis to see how you’re doing.

I’ll explain more in this episode…

Also, I’m taking some time off and I’ll be back on the week of January 9th, so Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and have a safe and Happy New Year.

-Dr. K

Dec 15 - How To Feel Purposeful And To Stop Procrastinating 

Dec 7 - How To Keep Moving Towards Your Vision And Not Get Side Tracked

Have you ever had a week where something unexpected threw a massive wrench in your plans, vision and goals?

That was last week for me.

Something, completely out of my control, has sucked up most of my time, focus and energy and the worst part is that dealing with it is not getting me closer to my goals.

So what should you do?

I don’t know much, but I have been alive long enough to know that things are always going to get in the way. In fact, the bigger and better you get, the bigger and meaner the obstacles will become. There is a tendency to think that one day you’ll get ‘there’ and you won’t have to work as hard - the opposite is true - when you get ‘there’ you’ll have to work harder to keep going.

This week I wanted to remind you to never lose focus of what it is you’re chasing, and always prioritize time to keep pursuing it. Does this mean becoming more organized and working harder? You bet! But it will be worth it.

Nov 29 - A Big Modern Parenting Challenge

Nov 23 - Improve Productivity With the High Performance Productivity Planner 

The biggest leverage for me right now is to waste less time, increase my focus and get more work done with the time that I already have allotted to the tasks I do.

I hope that made sense.

I don’t believe there is anything magic about productivity, I believe it’s like everything else and the same principles that apply to being productive apply to weight loss, or strength gain etc. 

The biggest gap for me right now is using the time I have to the best of my ability, I doing that by leveraging the journal Rachelle bought me, I’m excited to let you know how it’s been going.

-Dr. K

Nov 16 - Most Impactful Thing I've Done To Improve My Life

Nov 10 - How To Get Your Concentration Back

Have you ever had something happen that just completely busted your concentration? What about those days where focusing your mind just felt impossible?

I’ve been there, but I’ve had enough.

After an incident that happened in my practice this past week I had enough of something, other than myself, taking control of my mental focus.

I’m far from an expert at this, so I asked around, and I learned what people who are much better at focusing have been doing.

This week’s episode is all about what I’ve learned from them and what I’ve been, successfully, applying. I believe this conversation will be of benefit to you

Let me know how it goes.

-Dr. K

Nov 2 - Going Backward to Move Forward

Oct 26 - If You Feel Like Stopping, Don't 

If you’re at a point right now where you’re not having fun doing what you’re doing or things are getting tough to continue I just wanted to remind you to keep going.

I don’t think it’s possible to be super passionate and jazzed up about what you do all the time. Things get in the way, life gets stressful and that’s ok.

Just keep going.

Eventually you’ll be back at it, fully enjoying it, and happy that you didn’t stop.

-Dr. K

Oct 19 - Relationship Advice To Myself

Today is an important day for me. October the 17th, 2018 marks my 9th wedding anniversary.

My wife is my top value and I’m thrilled and proud that I’m able to celebrate this occasion and the fact that we’ve been together for 18 years in total.

It also got me thinking, since it hasn’t all been one smooth ride over 18 years, if I could go back and give myself the talk, what would I say? What have I learned over those years, and how could it be helpful.

That’s what this episode is all about.

-Dr. K

Oct 15 - Remember To Practice Self Kindness

Last week it was about scheduling some rest and downtime.

This week it’s been about not feeling guilty and getting back on track.

I hinted to it last week but it very challenging not to feel like a sack of garbage or a wuss when you take time off. All the old guild comes back: you’re slacking, you don’t really need rest, suck it up, etc.

I think there is a time for that self talk, I’ve definitely had extremely lazy moments in my past, but for most of us we are far too hard on ourselves.

This week is a simple reminder to be just a little kinder to yourself. No, it’s not ok to totally fall off track and lose focus, however it’s much harder and you’ll be gone for much longer if you think you’re a failure.

-Dr. K

Oct 6 - Scheduling Your Rest Days

Rest days and down time are really important.

It’s during down time and the healing of your body that all he connections are made and your body and mind get to rebuild to a higher level.

Even with knowing all that I still am not the best at getting all the rest that I need. This is a busy season of my life and with kids it’s even crazier.

The one thing that’s helped me the most is scheduling down and rest time first and foremost, before all other things. I know that if I don’t do it that way, that time will just get taking up by something else.

Have you tried scheduling your down time first? If so, what’s been your experience?

-Dr. K

Sept 28 - The Most Important Meeting With My Wife 

It’s the end of September and you know what that means? End of quarter 3 right?

I bet that’s not what you were thinking, but it’s true.

I want this to serve as a reminder that having a family meeting at the end of every quarter is a great idea. It’s not that the meeting itself is vital, it’s what’s discussed that is. Things like am I clear on what I want in life, am I presently working on those things to make them happen, where am I wasting time, what can do better and etc.

To be clear you don’t necessarily need a meeting to ask yourself those questions and answer them. I have found though, that as I’m working through the day to day, I can get overly focused on the tasks and forget about where I’m going. This meeting serves as a great reminder.

-Dr. K

Sept 20 - How To Be Thirty Three Percent More Productive 

“People who leave their phone off for the first hour of the day are 33% more productive” 

-Brendon Burchard

I just recently heard this idea. I won’t lie, my first thought was ‘BS.’ I’m a typical Croat in the sense that I’m cynical about almost everything the first time I hear it.

Thankfully I’ve learned that about myself and I’ve trained myself to try something new things even though I don’t initially believe them.

After 2 weeks of doing, all I’m going to tell you is that I think 33% is a bit of an under estimate. Let me explain what I mean.

-Dr. K

Sept 13 - Better Mental Energy 

Where your focus goes energy flows - Tony Robbins

I’ve never really understood that quote until this past weekend. Sometimes in my past it felt like my mind had a ‘mind’ of it’s own. I would (and still do sometimes) spend endless hours worrying about things and creating awful scenarios that just never happened or came true.

This weekend Rachelle and I went to the Archangel Summit in Toronto. Dandapani, a Hindu Priest, explained how you get to control and focus your mind - what you choose to focus on (good outcomes, negative outcomes, etc) creates a certain state of mind or energy. That state of mind will impact your actions which will change your results to match your energy.

-Dr. K

Sept 6 - The Big Step Of Going Back To School 

The start of September, because of the new school year, is like a mini new year. There is a new schedule, recommitment to goals and, things like routine and calendar become important household items again. Diet’s get ‘back on track’ and things settle into a rhythm.

I would like to make one small suggestion to you if I can. This year, please focus some of your mental energy around making your new habit, or recommitment to and old habit, a regular thing.

There is a night and day difference in results between those who are consistent and those who start then stop. It might be worth it to focus a little less on results, at least in the beginning, and more on making it a part of who you are. Advice I also need to take.

-Dr. K

Aug 30 - The Big Step Of Going Back To School 

August is the fastest month of the year by far because we all know what’s coming in September - back to school.

It’s amazing how much different back to school is as a parent. You understand the value of learning and knowledge, the power of routine and can literally see the growth and development happen on a daily basis.

It’s also very challenging. It’s hard to admit that your kids are growing, that you’re older and that our education system has a lot of challenges. But will all that aside, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

-Dr. K

Aug 22 - How CrossFit Is Helping Me Clear My Fear

This week I was lucky enough to get some time with Coach Lacey to help me review my snatch.

Her initial comments were funny - you’re slow. She wasn’t wrong, I was slow, but it wasn’t because my body was incapable of being fast, I was scared.

I was scared to ditch the weight and I was scared to catch the weight, two very important and necessary things in order to progress and get stronger.

But, if I didn’t take time to look at my fears, I would have never been able to develop a strategy to help overcome them.

This week, take some time and examine your fears as well, at least in the realms of your life where you have some goals.

-Dr. K

Aug 16 - How Being Grateful Has Helped Me Train 

This week my wife was away fulfilling one of the items on her bucket list which made for an interesting week. 

It made me realize just how grateful I am for all the amazing people in my life who allow me the freedom to live the life that I want to live.

While I’m on the gratitude kick, it’s been interesting to experience just how important the feeling of gratitude has been in making my feeling motivated and inspired to train and continue to work my butt off to get stronger.

I hope you can find things to be grateful for this week as well.

-Dr. K

Aug 8 - How Letting Go Of Obsessive Thoughts Can Make Your Fitness Goals More Fun And Easy

I remember being jealous of people who I thought ‘had it easy’ growing up. By ‘had it easy’ I mean I viewed them as not struggling enough to earn what they had, or so I thought.

I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. The person who seems to eat whatever they want and not gain weight, the person who is good at everything they try even without practice.

I realized a few things in the past few weeks. The first is that everyone who has anything has worked hard to get it and the second, and much more interesting is that just because you work hard doesn’t mean you have to be obsessed with the outcome.

I’m learning this but you can be calm and pleasant and still get exactly what you want. I’ve learned this through my training.

-Dr. K

Aug 1 - Dealing With Uncertainty And Remembering Things Differently

There has been a lot of uncertainty this week, because things are changing. Change means discomfort, pressure, fear, anxiety, and most importantly growth.

How do you handle uncertainty?

I find, and I’m very proud of this, that the older I get the more I’m excited by the prospect of growth than I am scared of the potential failure. I know failure is always a possibility, but I’m starting to get more excited by the new version of me I’ll become vs. fear and anxiety of losing something.

I guess I’m just at a point in my life where I’m tired of being scared of everything.

-Dr. K

July 25 -Being Grateful For My Parents, Being Grateful For The Time I Have And Start Documenting Yourself.

This is a plea for you to start turning that mobile device of yourself around, pressing record and start sharing your thoughts and mind with the people who you are going to leave behind one day when you die.

Don’t worry you don’t have to post it on social media for everyone to see, but just leave it in a place where the people who will miss you the most will be able to see it.

How valuable would it be to you to have the thoughts, failures, success and ideas of your grand parents available to you right now to look back and watch?

What a cool experience for your kids and grand kids.

At least think about it.

-Dr. K

July 19 - Embrace Negative Emotions To Help Let Go Of Negative Emotions

I know it sounds contradictory, but this week I’ve found this extremely helpful. I used to try and fight my negative emotions and it never really helped. They would always come back not matter what.

This week, for the first time ever, I stopped resisting, I let them do their thing and then, when they were done and I had enough, I just let them go.

I’m not sure exactly how it will turn out but I’ll keep you posted.

There is also a great clip of my father and I, on our way to the club and excited to watch Croatia take on France in the final.

Wish we would have gotten a better result.

-Dr. K

July 11 - Choose The Type Of Pain You Want

There are 2 types of pain - the pain of discipline or the pain of regret.

Or something like that. I think Jim Rohn, said that and the Navy Seals adopted it for there use.

This is what’s been on my mind this week as my training volume is increasing. It hasn’t been fun, or easy, but that’s the difference maker and that’s why most people don’t want to do it.

I don’t think there is a short cut to any success, and the people who strike it lucky don’t stick around anyway. Just keep moving forward.

-Dr. K

July 6 - Creating A Successful Family

Do you want your family to continue to grow and thrive or are you satisfied with leaving things the way they are?

Hey, It’s Dr. Kresimir Jug

My goal is to qualify for the CrossFit Games at 55, I’m really more concerned with leaving a legacy for my kids and family. I hope I can help motivate and inspire you to move towards your goals as well.

I believe you should run your family, and your life, like it’s a business.

I know that might sound strange so let me explain…

Businesses are obsessed with one thing - growth. They understand that if next year rolls around, and they are not changing and growing, they might as well be dying.

Are you obsessed with growth? Is your family?

I know you have dreams and aspirations. I know you want to do certain things with your kids, I know you have vacations you want to take. But if you’re not planning the time to make these things happen, they never will.

Business have quarterly meetings, quarterly goals, deadlines, accountability, expense reports, projections, structure. Those are all necessary if you want to live your best live.

Just a thought. Would love to know what you think.

-Dr. K

June 29 - How To Change Your Mindset Control What You Can

Hey, It’s Dr. Kresimir Jug

My goal is to qualify for the CrossFit Games at 55, I’m really more concerned with leaving a legacy for my kids and family. I hope I can help motivate and inspire you to move towards your goals as well.

As things continue and pressure builds and the rhythm of life takes you up and then down, I’ve noticed I’m becoming more and more tolerant of letting certain emotions dictate my moods and decisions.

I want life to feel happy, light and full of purpose. This is opposite of fear, dread and cynicism. 

But it’s hard right? How can you change what happens to you? Are things out of your control and how do you deal with them?

I would to tell you I knew the answers to these questions, I don’t. I do know what I’ve done (and getting better at doing) that’s helped me.

It’s about controlling the one thing you know how to control.

That’s what this week’s video is all about.

-Dr. K

June 21 - How To Get Out Of A Hole - Getting Motivated

Hey, It’s Dr. Kresimir Jug

My goal is to qualify for the CrossFit Games at 55, I’m really more concerned with leaving a legacy for my kids and family. I hope I can help motivate and inspire you to move towards your goals as well.

Last week was a hard week. I was in a hole and I needed to get motivated. I didn’t have my mindset figured out and as a result was out of the game mentally.

This week is much different, it’s not that my problems have changed, they haven’t, I’m just in a much better spot. 

How did I get there?

I’m proud that I’m spending less time in the hole, but when I look at it, it was really -

  1. Perspective and 
  2. Scope

I’d much rather talk about it then write, so check out the video and you’ll know what I mean. 

-Dr. K

June 13 - Should You Let Go?

It’s been a tough week this week, in the sense that some of my deepest fears are being challenged.

Tough yet good! It’s time to face those fears, as scary as they may be and finally put an end to all this worry and concern.

I’m interested in how you handle it? Have you ever come face to face with your deepest fears? Did you win, or did it get the better of you?

On a much happier note I started sharing a new segment I’m filming with my dad called “Wisdom Over Sljivovica” were I try to get some wisdom from my father.

Let’s just say it will be interesting.

-Dr. K

June 6 - How Much Stress Can You Take Before You Break?

One of the most important statistics that businesses measure is how many different people/customers/patients/clients they have.

It’s a sign of security, if you lose 2 clients it’s a much different story when you have a 1000 other ones vs. only having 50.

Look at it another way – it’s a sign of how much stress your business can handle before you feel the negative effects.

But this question applies to different things in your life as well. How much mental stress can you handle before your mindset cracks? How much emotional stress can you handle before you reach for the junk food?

Today I talk about the importance of building up your density or tolerance to stress


-Dr. K

May 30 - What About When You Don't Feel Like Training?

It’s easy to train and work hard when everything is going well and you feel great.

But what happens when you’ve had a crappy day, or things aren’t going the way you planned, how do you get the work done then?

What keeps you going and motivated? I’ve never liked slogans like ‘no pain no gain’ I don’t think it should be painful to get what you want.

I don’t think it should be easy either but the idea that I have to endure pain is just not my cup of tea.

On this video, I share a much better strategy and one that I think will get you want you want quicker and with much more joy.

-Dr. K

May 25 - Are You Vacationing, Or Just Taking Downtime? There's A Big Difference

We just got back from vacation, and it was great.

I'm not the hugest fan of resorts, there's nothing wrong with them; I prefer a faster pace, but it was excellent to spend time with my parents in an environment where we could all be together.

This trip reminded me of the importance of vacations. Vacations are important because the change in your environment forces your mind into a different perspective and that change of perspective helps you make different conclusions and provides perspective.

The best part is you don't even have to take a 'vacation' just spend some time in a different environment to get your brain to do the same thing.

If you've ever traveled and had a completely amazing idea strike you out of the blue, you know exactly what I'm talking about.

-Dr. K

May 9 - Follow Your Schedule Not Your Emotions

Everything has been great this week except for sleep.

Ari's been a bit off, and he's been waking and asking to come sleep with us, at about 2:30 in the morning.

That timing has made it difficult for me to get back to sleep and I've been waking up early.

As you can imagine and relate to, I've been tired, and as a result, my drive and motivation have been much less. Despite all this, I've still managed to get everything done that I've needed to.

Waiting for inspiration/ motivation to strike is not a great productivity strategy; following a schedule is how to make your dreams a reality.

This week I'm hoping that you take the time to plan everything out and execute on that plan.

-Dr. K

May 2- Why Can't I Stick To My Diet?

Since coming back from NYC, my diet has been the best. I've allowed myself a little more room to eat things I know I shouldn't be eating.

This video is all about how I handle when my diet is more off track than I would like it to be. I hope you find this conversation helpful, since staying on track has very little to do with food and more to do with you.

We also have Glamma come for a visit, and both Ari and Vedi get super silly.

Hope you're having a great week. Talk to you soon.

-Dr. K