Hi! I'm Dr. Rachelle Vanderheyden-Jug

rachelleandstaff-4bwThe walls were closing in, my heart started pounding,  it was getting tight, compressed and very scary. I couldn't take the internal vice gripping claustrophobia, so I turned my head and barfed all over the machine and floor.

It was my first round of chemo, and it was making me sick...

I was in a CT scanner and the chemicals, as they oozed their way through my blood stream,  were making my stomach churn. Coupled with the fact that I hate tight spaces, the result was a projectile stream of vomit and many, many tears.

To make matters worse, the nurses were less than understanding. I felt like I was being ‘a bad little girl’, made to sit in the corner while they made me watch them clean up ‘my’ mess!

That was my first and last cancer treatment!

On the way home, I decided I was not going to do that ever again.

I didn’t care if my cancer spread throughout my whole body; I was going to live life on my own terms.

Six months before I had been diagnosed with thyroid cancer.

I was scared, worried and, worse, felt like a liar. I mean, here I was trying to take care of other people’s health, and I couldn’t even take care of myself – what a hypocrite.

That trip I decided I was not going to let fear stop me from living the life I deserved.

I called my doctor and cancelled all of my radiation and chemo sessions. This is NOT a strategy I advocate for my patients, but I felt like a prisoner, and I would rather live one day as a free woman than a lifetime feeling like I did that day.

I started living my Life By Design (it wasn’t called that back then) and my life and health changed dramatically.

-- I slept better

-- I started loving myself for the first time in my life

-- I lost weight – 38 pounds to be exact!

-- I slept better!

-- I was kinder and less stressed

I loved my life!

My name is Dr Rachelle, and I am one of the owners of Gainsborough Family Chiropractic. I’m here to help you create a life that you are passionate about. I will help you find extraordinary health and begin to create a life worth living.

- Dr. Rachelle

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