Q: What types of problems can Chiropractic help?

Here is a quick list of just some of the conditions that have been helped (please read to the bottom) in our practice using Life By Design Chiropractic:

-- back pain

-- neck pain

-- headaches

-- hip and leg pain

-- shoulder and arm pain

-- other spinal problems

-- postural distortion

-- neurologic disorders

-- balance and coordination problems

-- torticollis

-- sciatica

-- disc injuries

-- whiplash

-- lack of mobility

-- high blood pressure

-- arthritis

-- immune suppression

-- bell’s palsy

-- multiple sclerosis

-- pregnancy related problems/pain

-- degenerative joint disease

-- stress

-- vertigo

Sometimes patients report other health-related benefits after being under chiropractic care. Although it's not chiropractic's goal to treat these conditions and  it might have nothing to do with chiropractic care, this has been the anecdotal evidence from some of our patients.

The above list are all secondary problems. Our job is to find and fix the core problems with your spine and nerve system so your body can heal and permanently fix any secondary problems on its own.

If your symptom is caused by a core problem with your spine and nerve system we can help you, if not, we can't.

A consultation is a conversation, not a commitment. >>>

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