Hi! I'm Rhonda

After a long and fulfilling career in the financial industry I suddenly found myself feeling extreme burnout. I was feeling tired and lethargic and I struggled with frequent headaches and anxiety. I was not eating or sleeping well. The one major thing that I was missing in my life was balance! I needed to make some serious changes for my mental and physical well-being .

In May I made the decision to retire from my job and take back control of my life!
I joined the wonderful team at GFC and began my care.

I have regained balance in my life which has been pivotal in maintaining my optimal health. I am eating and sleeping better and keeping active. I am happy to say that my anxiety and headaches have decreased tremendously!  I am a completely happier person.

I am excited to begin my new journey with the GFC team and I am committed to making our awesome Practice Members feel right at home!


A consultation is a conversation, not a commitment. >>>

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