The Sciatica Guide That's Helped My Patients Recover From Sciatica In Less Than 30 Days, With The Pain Never Coming Back

Sciatica sucks right?

It totally disrupts your life and gets in the way of everything, like work, your kids, going to the gym and even sleep. Worst is the frustration you face when you think things are starting to get better, only to have another flare up.

Usually more to the story...

Sciatica is very complicated. There can be various and multiple causes that intertwine and create a really complicated problem that you're trying to solve. Often time 'sciatica' can be oversimplified and some of the contributing factors ignored.

Some things to consider:

  1. Surgery might not be the best answer. In a Dutch study there was some evidence suggesting that in a time frame of great than two years, those who opted for surgery were worse off than those who did only rehab.
  2. I have never seen a case of sciatic where lack of proper movement was a not an objective finding. Sciatica sufferers have inflexible spine and hips and these problems are never properly solved.
  3. What you eat has a huge affect on your sciatica. Foods that promote inflammation in the body can cause your sciatica to hurt even more than it needs to. Food is often not considered in help sciatica patients recover and it really needs to be included.
  4. In my clinical experience most 'sciatica' is not caused by herniated discs.

How I learned all this

The most important person in my life, my wife, completely blew out her back while she was working out.

It was bad, really bad...

She wasn't able to do anything, and it broke my heart watching her.

I would have done anything to help her, so I spent a lot of time reading and studying both conventional and unconventional methods of helping sciatica patients. We (myself and my wife) started experimenting, using her and her condition to test what we were doing.

The new information we were learning, coupled with our combined 20 year clinical experience, helped us a create a plan for her that worked really well.

In fact, it worked so well that my wife who completely blew apart 2 lumbar discs completely healed her back, on her own, in 7 months and now has no more problems with her discs and sciatica.

The 'plan' we created became The Sciatica Guide

I have organized every bit of information I've learned and every exercise that has worked really well into one place, The Sciatica Guide.

What is The Sciatica Guide?

  1. 7 videos dedicated to showing you the potential causes of sciatica, what you can do to fix it, and what things (diet, therapies, procedures) are strongly recommended, and which ones you might want to think about first.
  2. 15 videos guiding you through the exercises you need to be doing, at the right time, in detail.

I want to share the Sciatica Guide with you

Once I saw how well my wife Rachelle recovered I started using the very same principles with my patients suffering from sciatica and the results were similar - they all noticed some level of improvement - some even completely recovered.

Will the Sciatica Guide work for you?

I don't know your case personally, and I know that every case of sciatica has a uniqueness to it, but it can't hurt to try. All the people, that I've spoken with, who have gone through it have noticed some level of improvement. Some minor, some major.

The secret is having a system to show you what to do.

If you've been struggling with sciatica for some time you know that most sciatica suffers dabble with different exercises; never committing to anything in particular. Ludwig Von Mieses famously said: "The system is the solution." He meant results happen when you commit to a system.

Maybe The Sciatica Guide could be the system you need to finally be free from your sciatica pain. The only way to know for sure is to give it a try.

I had spinal surgery when I was 16 years old, that was 44 years ago. My back has never been right since then, and the pain in my leg was unbearable. Dr. Kreso has helped me tremendously, I know I'll never be 100%, but I could never imagine I would feel this good again, and in such a short time.


I was scheduled for spinal surgery which was taking too long, and I had to do something in the meantime, or I would have died from all the pain I was in. I stumbled upon the Sciatica guide and Dr. Kreso. In 2 weeks I was able to cancel my surgery and get back to work with almost no pain.


"I was in a vicious cycle. I would get debilitating sciatic pain followed by periods of feeling better; sometimes I would even feel ok. Just as I thought I was finally done with my sciatica, the pain would start back up, and the whole frustrating and annoying cycle would start again. It wasn't until I found Dr. Kreso and the Sciatica Guide that things started feeling permanently better.


Here is what you'll get:

All 15 Exercises I recommend in video format. With most books, you have to try to figure out how to do the exercise from the picture that's there. With the Sciatica Guide ALL the exercises are shot in video, so you will know exactly what to do.

The Potential Causes of Sciatica.  Sciatica is very complicated and very complex with many different causes. If you don't know what's causing your sciatica, how can you ever fix the problem? If you know what to look for, you'll know what to do. The Sciatica Guide could help you get to the root of your Sciatica problem.

Many types of sciatica don't come from the spine. There are other potential problems with your body that could be causing sciatica. Learn what those are and how to fix them.

The different Phases of Sciatica. Knowing my personal classification system will be helpful in understanding what exercises and activities you can do and which ones you should avoid all together. You don't want to make things worse.

The one problem you have to fix. Every sciatica sufferer has a movement problem with their spine and hips. If you don't fix this issue, your sciatica could never fully go away and might hang around forever. Learn how to fix your movement problem.

The 2 biggest mistakes you make when you try to do it on your own. This information alone will stop you from being your own worst enemy.

The 4 different types of exercises you need to be doing. Stretches and physical activity are vital aspects to help your sciatica, but if you don't know how to decompress your spine and break down scar tissue you could be leaving some help on the table.

How to do the exercises. It's not enough to just show you a picture and say "do this exercise." What if you can't hold it, what if this is something new and you've never done it before. I will answer the most important questions: What to do, how long to hold if for, and how often you should do them.

What to eat and drink. The food and drink you put into your body have everything to do with how your body heals and how much pain you feel. If you could just eliminate inflammatory foods you could start to feel better right away.

Other professionals you should be seeing. Is there a point where you should see a physical therapist? What about a chiropractor? Should you see both or neither? What about your doctor? I help you cut through all the confusion and give you suggestions on who you might want to see for extra help.

An easy to access PDF with all the exercises and Phases of Sciatica. You don't have to watch all the videos again. You can if you want to or you can simply download the PDF and have access to all the exercises you should be doing.

Easy access to all the information on your laptop and mobile device. No matter what device you're on (computer, phone, tablet) you will always have access to The Sciatica Guide and be able to watch all the exercises.

Access to me. If you are having any problems just click the link at the bottom of the guide and send me an email. I'll be happy to help you figure things out and get you on the right path.

Is the Sciatica Guide Easy to use?

Yes, everything is set up in a way where all you have to do is click play and watch the next video. Every video contains homework. The exercises are shot on video, so you can see what's going on and if you have any questions you can shoot me a quick email, and I will be able to help, or if I can't do it over email, we can jump on a call.

My point is: you are not on your own, I'm here with you.

Try the Sciatica Guide Risk-FREE

Prove to yourself that this is the best way to help heal your sciatica. Have The Sciatica Guide for 3o days.

If at any time during those 30 days for whatever reason, you are unhappy and find this guide unhelpful I will give you a prompt and courteous refund with no questions asked.

I'm so confident that if you make at least a little bit of an effort, you will see positive results, so I will refund your money and still let you keep The Sciatica Guide.

So what are you waiting for?

Get access to the Sciatica Guide Today.

- Dr. Kreso

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