Episode 052 - The Source Of Self Love

kresimir Jug Make your Monday Awesome Podcast

I love that the idea of self love, self esteem and self care are becoming more and more popular and talked about.

I love that people are aware of the mental health struggles that we are having as a society and that they inherently recognize that we need to care for ourselves and that it’s ok to love and value yourself.

But how do we do that?

On today’s episode I discuss what I did to make the largest leaps in my feelings of self worth and self esteem.


-Dr. K

Episode 051 - How To Set Up Your Day For Success

kresimir Jug Make your Monday Awesome Podcast

Are you a step ahead or are you step behind?

If you’re like me then you are both. Some days I’ve got it figured out and then other days I feel like I want to hop on plane and never come back.

One of the things that I’ve noticed has made a huge impact in enjoying my days is my ability to prepare for the day ahead. If I’m able to do that, it makes a massive impact.

But how do you that? I know there are various ways, on this episode I’ll share what I do. I hope it can help.


-Dr. K

Episode 050 - I've Found This Important When Dealing With My Kids

kresimir Jug Make your Monday Awesome Podcast

Am I the only person who was the best, most knowledgable parent in the world, before I had kids? It’s funny how experience is a great and humbling teacher.

I wanted to share something, a way of thinking, that has been very helpful as a parent and I’m hoping you can take it and use it.

The idea is not sacrificing the long term for the short term. What does that mean?

For example, my children eat too much junk food for my liking. And every time their grand parents give them junk food I get a visceral reaction to it. I don’t believe my response is correct; I want to tell them (passionately) that it’s unhealthy and they shouldn’t eat it. But then I think, if I do that, what would be the long term affect of that action over time? My answer - probably a negative emotional association to food - A very bad problem to have.

My simple point - be conscious of the big things that you want your children to learn from you and don’t let the ‘in the moment things’ get in the way.


-Dr. K

Episode 049 - How To Protect Your Happiness, And Life

kresimir Jug Make your Monday Awesome Podcast

Pretend your life is one room with only one door leading in and out.

The only way anything - a person, a career choice, a partner - can enter your life is through that one door. Likewise the only way they can exist is through that door.

At the door stands a door man carrying a list. On that list is a set of your values and nobody is allowed to get through the door and into your life unless they are on that list, meeting your values.

We’ve all had people, or things, in our lives, that we knew at the very beginning we shouldn’t associated with or let into our life. They don’t mesh well with us and they have brought pain an suffering. I’m not saying they are necessarily bad people, just not right for us.

The best way to avoid these things happening is to block these people from getting into your life in the first place. Use the door man principle to help.


-Dr. K

Episode 048 - A Drug I’ve Been Using My Whole Life

kresimir Jug Make your Monday Awesome Podcast

It’s been a hard week. I had to say goodbye to a close family member. Someone I grew up with, had many experiences with and will miss tremendously.

During the whole process I noticed how the grief, trying to come to terms with the situation, and saying good bye, affected me. I was anxious, more judgemental, edgier and would do things - like bicker with my wife - for no good reason.

I also notice that when I was alone I would listen to music much more. I would want to hear songs that were familiar to me, that I knew the words to… and then I realize why I was doing this.

I was using music as something to ease my pain, to make me forget, to shift my focus, I was using it like a drug to help me cope, and I also realized that I’ve aways used music in that way.


-Dr. Kresimir Jug

Episode 047 - Follow Through With Your New Year’s Resolution

kresimir Jug Make your Monday Awesome Podcast

If you’re old enough to remember the classic Seinfeld episode where Jerry Makes a reservation for a car rental you’ll quickly understand the most important point of this video.

In the episode Jerry is disappointed because the rental that he made, and was confirmed by the rental company falls through since the car is not there. The classic line was “Your great at taking a reservation, not so much at keeping the reservation.”

The same can be said with New Year’s Resolutions; it’s easy to make them, harder to follow through with your New Year’s Resolution, which is the topic of today’s video.


-Dr. Kresimir Jug

Episode 046 - A Different Kind Of New Year’s Resolution

kresimir Jug Make your Monday Awesome Podcast

It’s true that New Year’s is just a date and that you don’t need a certain date to set goals you can start anytime. It’s also true that you’ll probably fail at your New Year’s Resolutions, but this doesn’t stop me from loving this time of year.

I believe that quiet time, reflection, and planning (all qualities of a rational, reality oriented mind) are good whenever they happen, if the changing of calendar inspires you to do those things - then so be it.

This year I have a challenge for you, instead of picking a bunch of things that you would (better bod, more cash) how about you make a resolution to become the person you need to be to get those things, and then check in with yourself on a regular basis to see how you’re doing.

I’ll explain more in this episode…

Also, I’m taking some time off and I’ll be back on the week of January 9th, so Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and have a safe and Happy New Year.

-Dr. K

Episode 045 - The One Thing That’s Stopping You

kresimir Jug Make your Monday Awesome Podcast

Have you ever had a goal that you wanted to start pursuing? Maybe it was creating a product, launching a business or even going to the gym and getting fit?

You had this massive excitement built up, but then, when it was time to pull the trigger and execute you just couldn't do it? Eventually, you stopped altogether and then (this is worst part) you started telling yourself a story, I'm lazy, I just procrastinate, etc.

Lately, I've noticed for myself, that if I lack clarity on a task or goal, I am much less motivated and inspired to accomplish this task. That's what this week's episode is all about.

-Dr. K

Episode 044 - Remember this during a crises

kresimir Jug Make your Monday Awesome Podcast

Have you ever had a week where something unexpected threw a massive wrench in your plans, vision and goals?

That was last week for me.

Something, completely out of my control, has sucked up most of my time, focus and energy and the worst part is that dealing with it is not getting me closer to my goals.

So what should you do?

I don’t know much, but I have been alive long enough to know that things are always going to get in the way. In fact, the bigger and better you get, the bigger and meaner the obstacles will become. There is a tendency to think that one day you’ll get ‘there’ and you won’t have to work as hard - the opposite is true - when you get ‘there’ you’ll have to work harder to keep going.

This week I wanted to remind you to never lose focus of what it is you’re chasing, and always prioritize time to keep pursuing it. Does this mean becoming more organized and working harder? You bet! But it will be worth it.

-Dr. K

Episode 043 - A Big Modern Parenting Challenge

kresimir Jug Make your Monday Awesome Podcast

As the holidays are approaching and the conversation moves to “Ari what do you want for Christmas?” I find myself torn a little bit.

On one hand I want to be able to buy my children everything that I possible can for them. After all I love them, I want their lives to easy and filled with abundance. Then, on the other hand, I know what’s necessary for success in life.

I know that I grew up in a family where the answer was always yes and I know how hard it was in life when I had to adapt to the fact that life tells you “no” a lot more often than yes. In fact when I look at my life right now, the biggest blessings I had were the times when I struggled to figure things out for myself.

The real issue is not buying gifts or buying gifts, the issue is where do we as parents, or where do you believe we should be drawing the line?

-Dr. K

Episode 042 - What I’ve Been Doing To Improve Productivity

kresimir Jug Make your Monday Awesome Podcast

The biggest leverage for me right now is to waste less time, increase my focus and get more work done with the time that I already have allotted to the tasks I do.

I hope that made sense.

I don’t believe there is anything magic about productivity, I believe it’s like everything else and the same principles that apply to being productive apply to weight loss, or strength gain etc.

The biggest gap for me right now is using the time I have to the best of my ability, I doing that by leveraging the journal Rachelle bought me, I’m excited to let you know how it’s been going.

-Dr. K

Episode 041 - The Most Impactful Thing I’ve Done This Year

kresimir Jug Make your Monday Awesome Podcast

This past week was my 39th birthday and as with all birthdays I was in a reflective spirit. I was thinking about the last year and I asked myself “what was the one thing you did over the past year that has the biggest impact on your life?”

It was a hard question to answer. First of all I don’t really recall my specific birthday from last year and second there are so many things that I’ve tried over the past year it was hard to get just one.

However, after some thought the answer was reading and applying (that’s the key) David Hawkins book on ‘Letting Go.’ It’s help me find more joy and be at the most peace I’ve ever had before.

Let me know what you think.

-Dr. K

Episode 040 - Getting Your Focus Back When It’s Gone

kresimir Jug Make your Monday Awesome Podcast

Getting Your Focus Back When It’s Gone With Dr. Kresimir Jug

Have you ever had something happen that just completely busted your focus? What about those days where focusing your mind just felt impossible?

I’ve been there, but I’ve had enough.

After an incident that happened in my practice this past week I had enough of something, other than myself, taking control of my mental focus.

I’m far from an expert at this, so I asked around, and I learned what people who are much better at focusing have been doing.

This week’s episode is all about what I’ve learned from them and what I’ve been, successfully, applying. I believe this conversation will be of benefit to you

Let me know how it goes.

-Dr. K

Episode 039 - Moving Backward To Go Forward

kresimir Jug Make your Monday Awesome Podcast

Don’t be afraid of taking a step back in order to get what you really want in life.

I say this, because I know it’s true, yet there are plenty of areas of my life where I still harbour a lot of fear that’s getting in the way of me getting to that next level.

Don’t be afraid to try, especially if it doesn’t result in the way you thought it should be.

If you’re happy and don’t care about ‘the next level’ then don’t change a thing, keep being happy and that’s awesome. But if you’re unhappy, then be ok with it going wrong, or not finding the correct formula right away.

That’s advice that I needed to hear today, hope it helps.

-Dr. K

Episode 038 - What Are You Fighting For?

kresimir Jug Make your Monday Awesome Podcast

It's not enough to know what you don't want. I don't want to depressed, I don't want to feel anxious, I don't want a crappy marriage, I don't want to be fat, etc.

It's much better to be able to frame your goals and vision in the positive. I want great mental health, I want to love my body, I want an amazing marriage, etc.

It might sound like it's semantics, but it's really not. For example if you're 'not depressed,' that's better than being depressed, but it doesn't eliminate anxiety, psychosis, mania and other negative mental states. However, if the goal or target is great mental health - then that assumes no depression, no anxiety, no mood swings, etc.

I might sound like a little difference, but in my experience it's these little changes in the way we say it or want it that make the biggest difference.

-Dr. K

Episode 037 - Relationship Advice I wish Someone Gave Me

kresimir Jug Make your Monday Awesome Podcast

Today is an important day for me. October the 17th, 2018 marks my 9th wedding anniversary.

My wife is my top value and I’m thrilled and proud that I’m able to celebrate this occasion and the fact that we’ve been together for 18 years in total.

It also got me thinking, since it hasn’t all been one smooth ride over 18 years, if I could go back and give myself the talk, what would I say? What have I learned over those years, and how could it be helpful.

That’s what this episode is all about.

-Dr. K

Episode 036 - Be Kind To Yourself

kresimir Jug Make your Monday Awesome Podcast

This week I have a simple yet powerful reminder: be kind to yourself.

If you're trying to do anything in life failure is a natural part of that process.

Yes it sucks, but it happens to everyone. Just wanted to send you some positive thoughts today and to remind you to be kind to yourself, no matter what.

I guarantee being kind to yourself will bring you more long term success than you ever would imagine.

-Dr. K

Episode 035 - Do This important Step Before You Listen To Your Gut

kresimir Jug Make your Monday Awesome Podcast

We love the intuitive person. We love someone who can just wow us with there ability to predict what's going to happen, or their 'way' of just knowing.

Of course, we're all born with different talent levels (I believe you're more talented than you think) but ALL these people have one thing in common.

They have worked their faces off.

I think we put too much emphasis on the finished product and not enough on the work it takes to get there. It's easy to listen to your gut, when your guy knows all the answers because you've worked way harder then anyone else.

Episode 034 - The Most Important Meeting With My Wife

kresimir Jug Make your Monday Awesome Podcast

t’s the end of September and you know what that means? End of quarter 3 right?

I bet that’s not what you were thinking, but it’s true.

I want this to serve as a reminder that having a family meeting at the end of every quarter is a great idea. It’s not that the meeting itself is vital, it’s what’s discussed that is. Things like am I clear on what I want in life, am I presently working on those things to make them happen, where am I wasting time, what can do better and etc.

To be clear you don’t necessarily need a meeting to ask yourself those questions and answer them. I have found though, that as I’m working through the day to day, I can get overly focused on the tasks and forget about where I’m going. This meeting serves as a great reminder.

-Dr. K

Episode 033 - How To Be 33% More Productive

kresimir Jug Make your Monday Awesome Podcast

“People who leave their phone off for the first hour of the day are 33% more productive”

-Brendon Burchard

I just recently heard this idea. I won’t lie, my first thought was ‘BS.’ I’m a typical Croat in the sense that I’m cynical about almost everything the first time I hear it.

Thankfully I’ve learned that about myself and I’ve trained myself to try something new things even though I don’t initially believe them.

After 2 weeks of doing, all I’m going to tell you is that I think 33% is a bit of an under estimate. Let me explain what I mean.

-Dr. K

Episode 032 - Leveraging The Power Of Your Focus

kresimir Jug Make your Monday Awesome Podcast

Where your focus goes, energy flows - Tony Robbins

I've never really understood that quote until this past weekend. Rachelle and I went to the Archangel Summit in Toronto and it took a Hindu priest to frame this seemingly simple concept correctly in my mind for the first time.

Let me explain what I mean.

-Dr. K

Episode 031 - One Unattractive, But Vital, Secret To Success

kresimir Jug Make your Monday Awesome Podcast

I've always loved September and back to school.

It's almost like a mini 'new-year.' You're back on track, there is a new schedule, a new, consistent rhythm, and you're back on track with so many things.

This week I wanted to send you a simple reminder to take some of the energy you have on meeting your goals and use that to create a strategy for staying on track, when the next stressor crashes into your life.

Starting and stopping is a goal killer, and no, I'm not talking about taking time off, we all need that. I'm talking about taking extended periods of time off, starting again, then taking more time off.

Figure out a way to make it as consistent as possible, I know it's hard, but it's your best chance.

-Dr. K

Episode 030 - Stop Doing The Things You Suck At

kresimir Jug Make your Monday Awesome Podcast

There is nothing easy about achieving your goals in life, the potential for success and failure is always there.

On today's podcast I want to bring up an idea that has been very helpful for me, stop doing the things that I suck at.

Growing up I always believed that if you weren't good at something (had weaknesses) you have to try to strengthen those short comings and get better. This could be true, but it might not be depending on what you want to do.

In this episode I explain more

-Dr. K

Episode 029 - Overcoming Your Fears In A Practical Way

kresimir Jug Make your Monday Awesome Podcast

I used to suppress and repress my fear because it was too painful to look at and because I thought that was the best way to overcome it.

I'm slowing learning that 'pushing' negative emotions down deeper inside or away is a sure way to ensure that the negative emotions come back and haunt me in the future.

In this episode I talk about how reviewing my snatch with Coach Lacey resulted in an exercise for developing a strategy to help me overcome my fears.

I'm hoping this podcast can do the same for you.

-Dr. K

Episode 028 - Just A Theory, But Gratitude Makes You Physically Stronger

kresimir Jug Make your Monday Awesome Podcast

Going to the gym used to be something that I tolerated. I knew it was good for me, I knew (and felt) the benefits, and because I wanted to be in integrity with every patient I told to train, I did it.

I wasn't overly consistent and spend most of the time unmotivated.

Over the past 2 years, things have changed.

I've been witness to people I care about and people I take care of losing their physical ability. For some, bending over and even getting out of bed became a huge physical challenge.

I started feeling grateful that I had a body that worked, and I started viewing training, not as chore that needed to be accomplished, but as a celebration to being able to move.

It's made all the difference.


Episode 027 - Let Go To Get What You Want

kresimir Jug Make your Monday Awesome Podcast

It might sound really weird but I'm starting to think that part of getting what you want, is to let go all the negative emotions surrounding what you want and just focus on the hard work and take joy in it.

I don't believe there is anything amazing about being obsessed or lustful about your goals.

But there is a lot of happiness to be had by working hard and enjoying that process along the way.

-Dr. K

Episode 026 - Are You Spending Alone Time With Yourself

kresimir Jug Make your Monday Awesome Podcast

I can only speak for myself, I'm an expert at distracting myself.

I'm always on my phone, listening to music, working on the next project, eating, etc.

This week I had the opportunity to spend some time by myself since Rachelle and the kids went to visit Glamma.

I've found that alone time and spending some time thinking about my thinking has made an amazing effect on me in a positive way.

Since you get to choose how you respond to a situation, it's worthwhile, at least in my opinion, that you spend some time doing just that.

-Dr. K

Episode 025 - Improving Self-Esteem In Your Kids

kresimir Jug Make your Monday Awesome Podcast

The health and happiness of my kids is very important to me. When they are sick or not feeling well it negatively impacts my week.

That's why making your Monday's awesome involves making sure the kids are doing well.

On this episode I discuss the foundations for proper self-esteem development in our kids.

I believe we have it very backward in society and I don't believe that faking reality is ever a good idea especially to a kid that knows better.

This could be considered a controversial episode, so I'd love to hear your thoughts.

-Dr. K

Episode 024 - Improve Your Brain Function With This Activity

kresimir Jug Make your Monday Awesome Podcast

Your brain and your body are inseparable.

You can't effect one without affecting the other, treat your body poorly and your brain will suffer, treat your body well and your brain has a better chance of being at it's best.

The activity I'm talking about in today's episode is strength training.

It's a myth that strength is only about muscle size; it's more about the number of muscles your body can use. And in order to use more muscles, you need your brain to be talking to those muscles. I believe this is were the link between the brain and nerve system come from.

I handle more of the specifics in the actually show. As always, I would love to hear your thoughts.

-Dr. K

Episode 023 - Be Ok With Your Emotions

kresimir Jug Make your Monday Awesome Podcast

We ALL experience negative or bad emotions and have negative or bad thoughts.

The difference, I believe, between the successful and the unsuccessful is that the successful spend far less time there.

Today's podcast is a simple reminder to accept your emotions for what they are... your emotions.

There is a big difference between accepting them and approving. Just because you admit that something is, doesn't mean you approve that it's good or desirable.

That's a very important distinction.

But, none-the-less allow yourself to experience your emotions and then work on creating the ones you want.

-Dr. K

Episode 022 - Is Your Family Doing This?

kresimir Jug Make your Monday Awesome Podcast

I believe you should run your family, and your life, like it’s a business.

I know that might sound strange so let me explain…

Businesses are obsessed with one thing - growth. They understand that if next year rolls around, and they are not changing and growing, they might as well be dying.

Are you obsessed with growth? Is your family?

I know you have dreams and aspirations. I know you want to do certain things with your kids, I know you have vacations you want to take. But if you’re not planning the time to make these things happen, they never will.

Businesses have quarterly meetings, quarterly goals, deadlines, accountability, expense reports, projections, structure. Those are all necessary if you want to live your best life.

Just a thought. Would love to know what you think?

-Dr. K

Episode 21 - The One Thing You Can Control

kresimir Jug Make your Monday Awesome Podcast

Your mindset is not fixed, it can change.

Yes, that is a belief. You can, of course, believe the exact opposite - that you're fixed and unchangeable, that you have a destiny, that you are the way you are.

If you're not happy with things, they can change.

Believe it or not this all starts with concentrating on the one thing you can control - how you respond to what's happening or happened.

It sounds almost trivial but if you can get that part right, you are on your way with everything else.

On this episode I talk about that one small idea and how to leverage it into much bigger and better things.

-Dr. K

Episode 20 - How I Got Out Of It, And How You Can Too

kresimir Jug Make your Monday Awesome Podcast

Last week was not an awesome week. I was stressed out and felt super uncomfortable.

This week is much better. It's not better because my problems have vanished, if anything, those problems are worse.

What's changed is me (my mind) and how I'm processing the information. My mind is back to normal and I'm happy to say that I'm spending less and less time worried and stressed.

On this episode is what I did to flip my mind and something simple you can do to change yours as well.

-Dr. K

Episode 19 - My Confession

kresimir Jug Make your Monday Awesome Podcast

Have you ever had to deal with your biggest fear coming true? How did you handle it?

The past two weeks have been super interesting. The things that I have feared are starting to come true, and obviously, I'm scared, but part of me is grateful that I have to prove to myself, yet again. I get to show myself that I'm strong and can manage no matter what it is that comes my way.

I would love to hear your thoughts, more important your story, in relation to this topic. Has this happened to you and how have you handled it?

-Dr. K

Episode 018 - How To Stop Caring What Others Think

kresimir Jug Make your Monday Awesome Podcast

Wouldn't it be nice to just stop worrying about the opinions of others?

I know you've heard others tell you to just stop caring, but that's not good advice or realistic to do.

Much more realistic is to try to understand where the person who disagrees with you is coming from?

Why do they have that position and is there any truth to it?

That's what I talk about on this episode.

What are the best ways to really stop caring what others think?

-Dr. K

Episode 017 - Habits Are Not As Powerful As You Think

kresimir Jug Make your Monday Awesome Podcast

We've always been taught that habits are the gateway to your success and that if you don't have great and purposeful habits then you'll never have any kind of success.

I don't think that's true.

You're a human being, which means that your emotions, thoughts, motivations, and current environment all make impacts on your decisions.

You are also conscious and not a robot that automatically runs programs with no question. In fact, you need to have ALL the most important questions answered before you do anything.

You need to know your vision, your purpose and your belief system before you change any behaviour.

Today's episode is all about how to do that.

-Dr. K

Episode 016 - Why A Vacation Will Help You Meet Your Goals Faster

kresimir Jug Make your Monday Awesome Podcast

Completely switching your mind away from what you are always thinking about is one of the fastest ways you can develop new ideas and help you meet and hit your goals even faster.

It seems counterproductive, but nothing could be further from the truth.

The term vacation usually means that you go you somewhere and do nothing specific.

Trying to switch your mind completely off is not a great idea, much better is becoming engrossed one of your other passions or hobbies.

You don't necessarily need to travel to do that, although it would be a good idea, you can do that from the comforts of your own home. Just find a hobby and dive deep.

The fun part is, focusing on something else for a period, will help you strengthen your focus on your goals and desires.

-Dr. K

Episode 015 - When You Don’t Feel Like It

kresimir Jug Make your Monday Awesome Podcast

I don't think it's possible to wake up every day and be motivated and ready to attack the world.

I think even the best of us have days where we are tried, worried, stressed, anxious, etc.

So, how do you keep moving on those days?

Just like I know that since we're all human we all experience the same emotions, I know that successful people don't let those days stop them from pursuing their dreams and winning.

On today's episode, I give you, what for me were the most important ideas of staying the course no matter how I felt.

I know you know, I know too, so why do we stop?

Hopefully, this can serve as a reminder

-Dr. K

Episode 014 - We all need to hear this all the time

kresimir Jug Make your Monday Awesome Podcast

There is nothing sexy about success.

We all say we want it, yet many of us are not backing up that claim with the work necessary to get what we say that we want.

This week's podcast is a simple reminder - I always need to remind myself, or have my wife do it - that there is nothing magical about success. You need to do the same 3/5 things over and over again until you master them.

The end, period, end of story.

I know you know, I know too, so why do we stop?

Hopefully, this can serve as a reminder

-Dr. K

Episode 013 - Why Rest Is Important To Being Your Most Successful Self

kresimir Jug Make your Monday Awesome Podcast

I've never liked the saying 'no pain, no gain' because it's not true.

Yes, sometimes things will be painful in order for you to get better, but not always.

The other reason I dislike this saying is it implies that the actual work is how you improve, this is only half the truth.

In order for you to get better at anything, yes you need to work hard, but you also have to make sure that your rest is on point. If you're not resting well, you're not reaching your goals to the best of your ability.

Please ensure you're taking 'you' time, or everything and everyone in your life will suffer - I promise.

Episode 012 - An Attitude I Dropped That’s Made All The Difference

kresimir Jug Make your Monday Awesome Podcast

I call the attitude the "I'm fancier than thou attitude."

I'm sure it has other names, but I can't think of it right now.

Thinking that you're better than someone else is a destructive way to be. Not for others but for you.

I grew up in a fixed mindset which means I believed that talent, ability, intelligence, all positive human traits were in limited supply.

This allowed me to develop the "fancier than thou attitude." It sucked and it made me suck. I closed off my mind to so many learning opportunities that it's painful to think about.

I've gotten better, and I hope this conversation will bring you some value.

-Dr. K

About The Podcast

It's important to make your Monday awesome as the momentum generated on that day translates directly to the rest of your life. If you're looking to be successful, happy, productive, wealthy, etc., you have to get Monday right. I believe you're designed to be extraordinary and learning to enjoy your Monday is a vital part of expressing that extraordinary ability!

- Dr. Kresimir

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