Episode 024 - Improve Your Brain Function With This Activity

kresimir Jug Make your Monday Awesome Podcast

Your brain and your body are inseparable.

You can't effect one without affecting the other, treat your body poorly and your brain will suffer, treat your body well and your brain has a better chance of being at it's best.

The activity I'm talking about in today's episode is strength training.

It's a myth that strength is only about muscle size; it's more about the number of muscles your body can use. And in order to use more muscles, you need your brain to be talking to those muscles. I believe this is were the link between the brain and nerve system come from.

I handle more of the specifics in the actually show. As always, I would love to hear your thoughts.

-Dr. K

Episode 023 - Be Ok With Your Emotions

kresimir Jug Make your Monday Awesome Podcast

We ALL experience negative or bad emotions and have negative or bad thoughts.

The difference, I believe, between the successful and the unsuccessful is that the successful spend far less time there.

Today's podcast is a simple reminder to accept your emotions for what they are... your emotions.

There is a big difference between accepting them and approving. Just because you admit that something is, doesn't mean you approve that it's good or desirable.

That's a very important distinction.

But, none-the-less allow yourself to experience your emotions and then work on creating the ones you want.

-Dr. K

Episode 022 - Is Your Family Doing This?

kresimir Jug Make your Monday Awesome Podcast

I believe you should run your family, and your life, like it’s a business.

I know that might sound strange so let me explain…

Businesses are obsessed with one thing - growth. They understand that if next year rolls around, and they are not changing and growing, they might as well be dying.

Are you obsessed with growth? Is your family?

I know you have dreams and aspirations. I know you want to do certain things with your kids, I know you have vacations you want to take. But if you’re not planning the time to make these things happen, they never will.

Businesses have quarterly meetings, quarterly goals, deadlines, accountability, expense reports, projections, structure. Those are all necessary if you want to live your best life.

Just a thought. Would love to know what you think?

-Dr. K

Episode 21 - The One Thing You Can Control

kresimir Jug Make your Monday Awesome Podcast

Your mindset is not fixed, it can change.

Yes, that is a belief. You can, of course, believe the exact opposite - that you're fixed and unchangeable, that you have a destiny, that you are the way you are.

If you're not happy with things, they can change.

Believe it or not this all starts with concentrating on the one thing you can control - how you respond to what's happening or happened.

It sounds almost trivial but if you can get that part right, you are on your way with everything else.

On this episode I talk about that one small idea and how to leverage it into much bigger and better things.

-Dr. K

Episode 20 - How I Got Out Of It, And How You Can Too

kresimir Jug Make your Monday Awesome Podcast

Last week was not an awesome week. I was stressed out and felt super uncomfortable.

This week is much better. It's not better because my problems have vanished, if anything, those problems are worse.

What's changed is me (my mind) and how I'm processing the information. My mind is back to normal and I'm happy to say that I'm spending less and less time worried and stressed.

On this episode is what I did to flip my mind and something simple you can do to change yours as well.

-Dr. K

Episode 19 - My Confession

kresimir Jug Make your Monday Awesome Podcast

Have you ever had to deal with your biggest fear coming true? How did you handle it?

The past two weeks have been super interesting. The things that I have feared are starting to come true, and obviously, I'm scared, but part of me is grateful that I have to prove to myself, yet again. I get to show myself that I'm strong and can manage no matter what it is that comes my way.

I would love to hear your thoughts, more important your story, in relation to this topic. Has this happened to you and how have you handled it?

-Dr. K

Episode 018 - How To Stop Caring What Others Think

kresimir Jug Make your Monday Awesome Podcast

Wouldn't it be nice to just stop worrying about the opinions of others?

I know you've heard others tell you to just stop caring, but that's not good advice or realistic to do.

Much more realistic is to try to understand where the person who disagrees with you is coming from?

Why do they have that position and is there any truth to it?

That's what I talk about on this episode.

What are the best ways to really stop caring what others think?

-Dr. K

Episode 017 - Habits Are Not As Powerful As You Think

kresimir Jug Make your Monday Awesome Podcast

We've always been taught that habits are the gateway to your success and that if you don't have great and purposeful habits then you'll never have any kind of success.

I don't think that's true.

You're a human being, which means that your emotions, thoughts, motivations, and current environment all make impacts on your decisions.

You are also conscious and not a robot that automatically runs programs with no question. In fact, you need to have ALL the most important questions answered before you do anything.

You need to know your vision, your purpose and your belief system before you change any behaviour.

Today's episode is all about how to do that.

-Dr. K

Episode 016 - Why A Vacation Will Help You Meet Your Goals Faster

kresimir Jug Make your Monday Awesome Podcast

Completely switching your mind away from what you are always thinking about is one of the fastest ways you can develop new ideas and help you meet and hit your goals even faster.

It seems counterproductive, but nothing could be further from the truth.

The term vacation usually means that you go you somewhere and do nothing specific.

Trying to switch your mind completely off is not a great idea, much better is becoming engrossed one of your other passions or hobbies.

You don't necessarily need to travel to do that, although it would be a good idea, you can do that from the comforts of your own home. Just find a hobby and dive deep.

The fun part is, focusing on something else for a period, will help you strengthen your focus on your goals and desires.

-Dr. K

Episode 015 - When You Don’t Feel Like It

kresimir Jug Make your Monday Awesome Podcast

I don't think it's possible to wake up every day and be motivated and ready to attack the world.

I think even the best of us have days where we are tried, worried, stressed, anxious, etc.

So, how do you keep moving on those days?

Just like I know that since we're all human we all experience the same emotions, I know that successful people don't let those days stop them from pursuing their dreams and winning.

On today's episode, I give you, what for me were the most important ideas of staying the course no matter how I felt.

I know you know, I know too, so why do we stop?

Hopefully, this can serve as a reminder

-Dr. K

Episode 014 - We all need to hear this all the time

kresimir Jug Make your Monday Awesome Podcast

There is nothing sexy about success.

We all say we want it, yet many of us are not backing up that claim with the work necessary to get what we say that we want.

This week's podcast is a simple reminder - I always need to remind myself, or have my wife do it - that there is nothing magical about success. You need to do the same 3/5 things over and over again until you master them.

The end, period, end of story.

I know you know, I know too, so why do we stop?

Hopefully, this can serve as a reminder

-Dr. K

Episode 013 - Why Rest Is Important To Being Your Most Successful Self

kresimir Jug Make your Monday Awesome Podcast

I've never liked the saying 'no pain, no gain' because it's not true.

Yes, sometimes things will be painful in order for you to get better, but not always.

The other reason I dislike this saying is it implies that the actual work is how you improve, this is only half the truth.

In order for you to get better at anything, yes you need to work hard, but you also have to make sure that your rest is on point. If you're not resting well, you're not reaching your goals to the best of your ability.

Please ensure you're taking 'you' time, or everything and everyone in your life will suffer - I promise.

Episode 012 - An Attitude I Dropped That’s Made All The Difference

kresimir Jug Make your Monday Awesome Podcast

I call the attitude the "I'm fancier than thou attitude."

I'm sure it has other names, but I can't think of it right now.

Thinking that you're better than someone else is a destructive way to be. Not for others but for you.

I grew up in a fixed mindset which means I believed that talent, ability, intelligence, all positive human traits were in limited supply.

This allowed me to develop the "fancier than thou attitude." It sucked and it made me suck. I closed off my mind to so many learning opportunities that it's painful to think about.

I've gotten better, and I hope this conversation will bring you some value.

-Dr. K

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It's important to make your Monday awesome as the momentum generated on that day translates directly to the rest of your life. If you're looking to be successful, happy, productive, wealthy, etc., you have to get Monday right. I believe you're designed to be extraordinary and learning to enjoy your Monday is a vital part of expressing that extraordinary ability!

- Dr. Kresimir

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