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January 8th -How To Do Things You Hate Doing

Why do people suck at sticking to something that they say they want or, they know will make them better?

Answer - because they hate doing it.

So here is where the problem lies, you have to overcome your hatred of it to get what you want. But how do you overcome your hatred? That’s what today’s episode is all about.

-Dr. Kresimir Jug


December 12th - Keep Christmas As Commercial As Possible

I know, a controversial opinion on this week’s podcast, but before you cast your judgment on me let me explain before you cast your opinion. Also, I’m taking the next two weeks off to rest and be with my family. So I wanted to wish all of you a Merry Christmas or, Happy Holidays if Christmas isn’t your thing, and a very Happy New Year. See you in 2020.

-Dr. Kresimir Jug

December 4th - Ruling Over 2020 Like a Boss

The time to start thinking about next year is right now, not January 1st. Today’s podcast is all about how to make next year your best year ever.

I know you’ve heard that many times before so let me pre-frame this conversation with - this is not an easy process - it will take you a lot of work to get it right.

If you’re ok with doing the work I think you might like what I have to say.

-Dr. Kresimir Jug

November 20th - Like A Slap In the Face

I got a good wake up call this morning that came by the name Jim Rohn. If you don’t know Jim was Tony Robbin’s mentor and had a large impact on Tony and his development.

So what was this huge wake-up? To keep doing the basic fundamentals over and over and over again. It was a wake up because I’m the type of person who loves the new thing, but chasing the new never brings the success I want.

More on this episode

-Dr. Kresimir Jug

November 13th - Are You Doing What Really Matters? 

I believe that we each have something inside of us that needs to get out. We all have gifts, abilities, and practices that bring us tremendous happiness and expressing them not only will make us complete and happy but will lift up others around us.

The problem is - doing this work is hard, and it takes a lot of years.

One of the things that get in the way is our desire to find a quick and easy distraction, most often our phone, but not always.

Today’s podcast is the importance of finding this work for yourself.

-Dr. Kresimir Jug

November 6th -How Do You Know It’s True 

There are many claims being made nowadays, (the world is going to end in 11 years, eating meat is good for you, eating meat is bad for you, etc.)

How do you know what’s true and what’s not? Where should you put your trust? Who should you trust?

That’s what this podcast is all about.

“Use your head” is something my mom taught me. I believe your head is the one you should trust, unfortunately I was never taught the correct way to use mine, so I had to learn.

That’s what today’s podcast is all about.

-Dr. Kresimir Jug

October 23rd - A Tip You’re Doing The Right Thing 

Beware the investment activity that gets greeted by applause; the great move usually get greeted by yawns. - Warren Buffet

There is nothing romantic about being on the path to success. In fact it’s rather boring. So much so, that most people, in an effort to add some excitement, move off the path.

Today’s show is about that path and about how to keep it entertaining, while staying on it.

- Dr. Kresimir Jug

October 16th - Dealing With Disappointment with Dr. Kresimir Jug

What happens when all of your hard work ends up not giving you the result that you’d hoped for?

We’ve all been there. Unless you live under a rock, you’ve had to face disappointment in your life. I believe we face more disappointment overall, then we have success.

How do you deal with disappointment in a way that is constructive and that gives you feedback to keep improving? That’s the topic of today’s podcast

-Dr. Kresimir Jug

October 9th - Are You Improving As Quickly As You Should 

Is feeling you’re getting better at something, not one of the best feelings in the world? Maybe it’s just me but I love when days, month and years of hard work finally start to click and you just feel a world of difference.

Sadly, I believe that many people, especially today’s young people are not experiencing that self-esteem building, pure joy feeling of getting better at something. And the reason they're not is that we are doing our best to remove one of the most important factors in self-improvement - the standard - which has had disastrous effects on our society.

-Dr. Kresimir Jug


October 2nd - Self Care IS Selfish And That’s OK

Thankfully the concept of self-care is popular and at least widely accepted. Regrettably, the idea of selfishness still isn’t and in my book.

Selfishness means thinking about and putting yourself first, which is precisely what you do when you practice self-care. So,  why being selfish bad, and why should you care?

In this episode, I discuss self-care. What’s worked for me, what hasn’t and why I believe it’s crucial to begin to be ok with being selfish.

-Dr. Kresimir Jug

September 18th - What To Do When $hit Hits The Fan 

Ever have those days when it seems like everything blows up and nothing goes your way?

Not sure about you but it feels like I’ve had months and years of feeling like it hasn’t gone my way.

We’ve all been there, so have all of the people who we admire, want to be like, and achieve the same level of success they have.

Not sure if I know what they all do, but I know what’s worked for me and what hasn’t worked for me. That’s what this episode is all about.

-Dr. Kresimir Jug

September 11th - Creating Strong Personal Boundaries 

Personal boundaries and self imposed rules that limit and create guidelines and methods that other people are allowed to interact and behave towards you.

I hope it’s obvious in the definition but, these are good things to have and, thankfully, they are much discussed in culture today.

I’m hoping to provide some value on this topic with discussions that boundaries, or lack there of, are symptom of a much bigger problem you are facing. At least that was my personal experience.

I’m hoping to help share part of my story and how solving (or at least improving) one major aspect of my life helped me create not only boundaries but other issues as well.

-Dr. Kresimir Jug


September 4th - Getting The Most Out Of School

Well, it’s here… and I personally believe that the kids couldn’t be any happier. They need the routine, consistency, and, it won’t hurt them to learn a thing or two.

School and learning is awesome, but it’s still our (parents) responsibility to ensure that our children have everything the need in order to thrive and become the best possible people that they can.

On this week’s episode I will be sharing the things that we supplement with for our child.

-Dr. Kresimir Jug

August 28th - How To Rely On Your Own Approval 

Have you ever had a thought, idea or goal that was off the beaten path from others have expected from you?

Doing your own thing can be very hard. It can be hard because one of the necessary requirements of doing what you want is you might not have any fans or support.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it, but it might mean that you learn some different ways of seeking joy and satisfaction from what you want to do.

This week’s podcast is all about getting approval from the most important person in your life, you. Hope it’s helpful.

-Dr. Kresimir Jug

August 23rd - Fixing My Diet

Are you looking to improve your nutrition and lose some weight and get healthier?

I was reflecting this morning and the biggest changes I made to my nutrition had almost nothing to do with the food I was eating, It was through changing myself that I naturally started eating better, losing weight and becoming healthier.

I know many people struggle with their food but my intuition tells me that most the real culprit is the dialogue that we’ve created (the self talk) around the food that makes it the hardest on us.

I’m far from perfect and I still struggle, but I’m much better than I was. That’s what today’s episode is all about.

-Dr. Kresimir Jug

August 16 - The Thing About Fear With

My son taught me something about fear…

This past Monday, Ari, my oldest son and I, went to Canada’s Wonderland to spend some time together and go on rides.

After going on the ‘cars’ about 4 times I told Ari we were going to go on a roller coaster. I specifically had two rides in mind, one beginner coaster and if he like that one, another little bit larger one.

Even the mention of a roller coaster scared him and he began to verbalize his thoughts. It was interesting to hear all the thoughts and idea’s he had about what was going to happen to him when he went on the coaster. And it taught me something I believe is universal about fear.

-Dr. Kresimir Jug

August 13 - What Made The Biggest Impact On My Happiness

The biggest impact, in recent memory, on my happiness has been discovering and dropping my sense of entitlement.

If would you have asked me a few years ago I would have told you that I was grateful and didn’t feel entitled, but that wasn’t true.

When I used to think entitled, I would think of a spoiled child, from an extravagant family, not working at all and wanting everything handed to them. Looking back in retrospect, that’s exactly what I was doing, but the degree and the things I was expecting were not ‘Lambos’ and ‘vacations’ but other things and I was working - and hard what I thought - but not hard enough.

I’m hoping you find this conversation helpful…

-Dr. Kresimir Jug


July 31 - Try This If You Feel Life You’re Not Improving

Are you like me? Do you want to see results yesterday?

I’m not sure whether it’s the fact that I’m Eastern European, or the fact that both my parents are impatient or that my personality leads me to take action quickly and without much thought, but I want it and I want it now.

Worse, in the past, and still now, I can get discouraged, disheartened and feel like a failure if I’m not seeing progress.

Which is crazy since I know most progress happens under neath the surface where it’s unnoticeable (just watch a child learning how to swim) and yet sometimes I still can’t help it.

I have started doing something that I want to share with you this week that has really helped me love the process and celebrate the improvement - hope it’s helpful.

-Dr. K

July 15 - How To Be More Productive

I used to think productivity meant getting a lot of stuff done. In a way it does but if I can be so bold and insert another word in that definition. Productivity means getting a lot of important stuff done.

I’ve found that to do truly productive there are some steps that have to happen before you to actually do the work - if I don’t do these steps I run around like a chicken with it’s head cut of, or I just procrastinate and get nothing done.

Today’s episode is all about those steps and how they help you become more productive.


-Dr. K



July 7 - Becoming A Better You 

What do you want your future to look like? What values do you want to have? What are you trying to create? Do you spend anytime thinking about this?

I’m listening to Joe Dispenza’s new book, Becoming Super Human, and I like it.

It made me think and understand (maybe not fully, but at least a little better) the importance of making space in your mind for thinking. For thinking not only about what’s happening now, but for thinking about the life that you want to create and what it’s going to take to get you there.


-Dr. K


June 27 - Protect Yourself From Shaming

If someone has ever made you feel bad about the decisions that you’ve made, then this episode is for you.

Shame is a legitimate emotion. If you were to do something dishonourable - cheat, steal, lie - then feeling shame is an appropriate reaction to that situation.

“Shaming” is a verb in which someone tries to make someone else feel shame for various reason. It usually implies outright attacking someone online and more subtle expressions (eye rolling, underhanded comments, or open comments) in person. I don’t I’ve included everything, but that is the general idea.

So what can you do about it?

The simple answer is to grow a self esteem that is so high that you don’t care what others think or say.

That’s easy to say, and very hard to do. This podcast is geared towards helping you create that self-esteem because, “just don’t care what others think” is great advice but doesn’t teach you how to get into that state.


-Dr. K


June 9 - Why I Don’t Need My Wife To Need Me 

I want my children to know that I love my wife selfishly, and I believe this is only appropriate way to love anything or anyone.

I know that might sound weird but let me explain. I’m not a fan of the modern day idea of love. Love cannot be unconditional, and I believe it has to be earned. Do not make the mistake, as I did, and think that overall benevolence is the same as love. Treating someone kindly or respectfully doesn’t mean that you love them, it means that you have self-esteem and you value other human life.

Love, to me, means the spiritual payment in responses to the values I love. Meaning I love my wife because she embodies those values and sense of life that I value. I love her selfishly, meaning being with her brings me immense joy. 

I don’t love her for the things that she does for me (of which she does a lot) and I don’t love her because she needs me - I love her for who she is, her sense of life and her values.


-Dr. K

June 2 - Are We Getting Too Soft

We just got back from time in Florida with the whole crew. The whole crew in this case is the four of us, my parents and my mother-in-law.

It was awesome! I can’t remember the last time I got to spend so many days in a row with my parents.

One thing that I was struck with both my parents and my mother in law was how little they complained, how hard they worked, how little they expected and how grateful they were for what was happening.

It was amazing to see in action. I know all of their back stories, I know how they grew up, I know they’ve seen their fair share of crap and struggled through hard times.

I have a hard question to ask you - I don’t mean it in an insulation way, but in a reflective way… Are you being too soft?

I asked myself a couple times when I had time to pause and reflect. There are times when I feel hard-done-by, or grumpy about something that really is a first-world-problem. I believe I can be more grateful. Hanging out with these awesome people a great reminder to me about the basics in life - thought I would share my experience in hopes you could also benefit.

-Dr. K

May 21st 3 Things I’m Working Hard To Teach My Kids

Have you ever wondered “what’s wrong with the world?”

You have? Ok, good, I thought it was just me. When I initially planned this episode I was going to rant for 10 minutes on what, I think, is wrong with the world but then I knew that not be helpful to you, and it might even be a little scary to listen to; I have a habit of yelling.

So I thought that something more helpful would be, what am I trying to do about it? The answer to this question comes in many forms - my chosen career and what I advocate are part of the that answer but the other part is what I’m teaching my children and how I’m doing it.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this episode - if you disagree - great, just be polite and respectful and we can chat about it, and if you agree let me know it as well.

-Dr. K

May 10th Decreasing Your Anxiety

Oh anxiety, how I would love to end our relationship all together.

For me, there is nothing more frustrating than losing yourself in a cascade of horrible thoughts and scenarios that haven’t even happened yet, and are very unlikely to happen. Yes, anxiety is something that has bothered me my whole life, so I can related very well to it.

I know anxiety can be very complicated with many different causes, one of the things that has really helped me has been to look at my level of clarity around the area that has been causing anxiety and if that level of clarity is low, I’ve been very (or at least extra) anxious. When I’ve been able to increase my clarity, my level of anxiety has always decreased.

-Dr. K

May 4th - Could Free Time Be Making You Unhappy

I just finished Digital Minimalism and, like I mentioned last week, it gave me a lot to think about and digest.

My other big take away was the chapter/lesson on free time and what to do with it.

I have been looking online for similar articles to site but with no such luck, all that means is I’m going to be telling you what I took away and how I plan to apply this to my life.

Happiness is my currency and the most important thing we hold in life. Newport brings up the point about people who have achieved, as he puts it, FI or financial independence and what those people have been doing with their lives - the short answer is working, or engaging in tasks that could be mistaken for hard work.

The reason? Because your mind needs something to do.

Yet, when we think about free time we often think about unstructured time doing nothing, which Newport argues, and in retrospect I have experienced, more boredom, more procrastination and more laziness.

-Dr. K

April 25 Are You Spending Time Alone?

'Without solitude, no great work is possible.’ Pablo Picasso

Do you spend time by alone with your thoughts? Are you finding time to learn and reflect?

I recently began listening to Digital Minimalism (by Cal Newport) and at first I didn’t like it. I don’t believe social media is to blame for it’s addictive nature and I don’t believe social media is making us any worse as human beings, it’s just exposing who we are. 

We are told that people lie about the ‘things’ they have so they can appear cool on social media. I agree and, I don’t see any difference between lying on facebook to your followers vs. lying to your friend’s face 15 years ago when we’d go out for coffee or drinks together. 

The platform might have changed, but human nature is the same.

All my negativity towards the book changed when I read heard the chapter on solitary. In my personal experience alone time has been a powerful time to reflect, learn, think and strategize. Some of best my experiences in life have come when I am all by myself.

Newport paints a very strong picture that our constant addiction to our phones is interfering/ ruining our solidarity - that made me pay real close attention.

-Dr. K

April 19 Where To Find Your Success And Happiness

What a time we live in.

I will be dating myself here but I remember growing up and watching a cartoon about a futuristic family named the Jetsons. The Jetson didn’t drive the flew, George (the dad) had a conveyor belt that he stood on every morning that would shave him and get him dressed and they a robot maid that would take care of their chores.

The most amazing thing would be their phones. They didn’t just talk, but they could look at the person they were talking to, and I remember thinking how nice that would be because I wanted to see my grandmother who lived in Croatia.

That technology - the one to look at people when calling them - now exists along with much more. It truly is an amazing time to be alive, and although it’s not perfect, it’s still pretty amazing.

Yet, when we look around are we happier than we were 20 years ago? Is mental health in a better place? Do we feel more connected and alive or more scarred and anxious? 

Happiness, joy, and the emotional we want to experience are not found outside ourselves in a device, relationship, car, job, surgery, younger spouse or anywhere else, they are found inside - the one place that in my opinion too many people are scared to look.

-Dr. K

April 13 - Are You Testing Yourself?

Early this week a good friend of mine and practice member sent me an article of a man who was diagnosed with vitamin D toxicity results in kidney failure. It took the medical team a long time to figure out what had caused the problem and the M.D said something that I think is applicable to every aspect of life – when it doubt, test.

My question to you this week is do you have objective data available for everything that you’re trying to improve in your life? Of course it’s important to know how you feel about it, but do you have numbers around it as well? If not can you get some and can you repeat test on a regular basis?

-Dr. K

April 3 - Maybe Now is Not The Best Time

Are you putting unrealistic expectations on yourself?

This week I had two wonderful people reach out to me to for advice. One asked how she should continue her work outs while she was struggling with the flu, the other how she could lose weight especially if she was finding it hard to meal prep, and eat the food she knew she would need to eat.

The first thing that popped into my mind was - a question. Is now the right time to be striving for those goals. The answer, of course, is a personal one. Maybe people train through the flu and many lose weight with young children, but that doesn’t mean that choosing to focus on something else is wrong - it’s your decision to make, and it’s ok to choose other wise.

-Dr. K

March 27 - Do You Face This And Other Lessons From The CrossFit Open 

Do you spend time facing the things that truly make you uncomfortable in life? Not uneasy, not “I’d rather not.” But truly - I’m scared to do this?

19.5, the last workout of the open, created that sense of dread in me. Feel free to laugh, I can’t see you - other peoples fears are often funny and quirky to us since we don’t see the big deal. I grew in a very safe place, my parents did everything to protect me and shelter me from stress and pain and this can was more than obvious in the physical realm. Over time I grew to shy away from physical pain and that dark physical place.

Enter 19.5 20 minutes, I knew I wasn’t going to finish, of Thrusters and chest to bar pull-ups. I didn’t get more painful than that. And yet, I lived to tell the tale and even grow from the experience.

-Dr. K

March 23 The Part Of The Day That Can Derail You 

Have you ever had one of those days where the wheels just came off? I recently just had one and the most interesting thing about it was when I reflected on the day, nothing ‘bad’ or exceptional happened, but it felt like all the wheels came off.

Your day is composed of various chunks and different tasks. You don’t just go to the gym. You wake up, make coffee, go to work, pic up your children, go to the gym, have coffee and a million other smaller chunks through out the day. Also stress and negative emotions can get transferred to the next task.

If someone upsets you while you’re at the drive-through those negative emotions can get transferred to your next task creating feelings of stress, anxiety, uneasiness and even anger.

This week, and I’ve been applying this with great success so far, I’ve learned that managing the transitions - releasing the tension and setting expectations for the next part - has been a key to help keeping the days together.

-Dr. K

March 15 - Ego is Not The Enemy 

Every once in a while I hear or read something that directly attacks the ego and claims that your ego is the root of all your problems, while simultaneously destroying the world.

I disagree, completely.

Your ego is you. It’s your consciousness or, if you like, the unique part of you that makes you an individual. Or put another way - it’s your mind. The part of you that values somethings over other things, the part of you that makes judgements, the part that wants to choose and think. It’s not surprising that the ego is vilified, society tells us they celebrate uniqueness and independent thinking but they really don’t.

Being different (ie. thinking differently about fundamental values), and I mean truly different, not superficially different is scary and upsetting to most people. This is not to say that different is always better - independent ideas are just as capable of being wrong - but it’s much easier to make you feel guilty for being you - attacking the concept of ego, then you challenging societies beliefs.

-Dr. K

March 8 Knowing Both Sides

Isn't being wrong the worst, yet the best?

There is nothing worse that that cold chill followed by complete embarrassment when your deepest conviction, the one that you vocally and passionately supported, was found to be completely wrong.

There is also nothing better because you have dropped an incorrect habit or belief from your practice.

This week I wanted to discuss how you can leverage the fact that other people think radically different than you to your advantage.

-Dr. K

March 2 - 19.1 and How to Not Compare Yourself With Others

Last week the CrossFit open got underway and I was very pleased with how I did and how my body felt after.

It’s funny though, it doesn’t take long before you start to compare your score with others and the negative self talk starts to enter your mind. Could I have done better, should I do it again, etc. 

Here is what I’ve found help in stopping that horrible negative self talk.


-Dr. K

Feb 23 - Why I’ve Quit In The Past

Dan Sullivan of Strategic Coach - you should really look him up if you’re an entrepreneur - has a concept he calls “The Gap” or being in ‘the gap.’

The gap is the mental space you fall into when you have something in mind that you want to achieve yet you’re not there yet. The gap is described as that feeling associated with the frustration of not having achieved your end result while feeling like you’re a failure because there is so much left to go.

I was reminded of the gap just yesterday, while doing the thrusters that were programmed for me in my training, how easy it is to feel like you’re not enough and you will never get there.

Of course when I turn around and look at all the good things I’ve done since the last open I feel proud of myself, but if you’re not trained to do that, it’s normal to get discouraged and quit.


-Dr. K

Feb 15 - The Source Of Self Love

I love that the idea of self love, self esteem and self care are becoming more and more popular and talked about.

I love that people are aware of the mental health struggles that we are having as a society and that they inherently recognize that we need to care for ourselves and that it’s ok to love and value yourself.

But how do we do that?

On today’s episode I discuss what I did to make the largest leaps in my feelings of self worth and self esteem.


-Dr. K

Feb 9 - How To Set Up Your Days For Success

Are you a step ahead or are you step behind?

If you’re like me then you are both. Some days I’ve got it figured out and then other days I feel like I want to hop on plane and never come back.

One of the things that I’ve noticed has made a huge impact in enjoying my days is my ability to prepare for the day ahead. If I’m able to do that, it makes a massive impact.

But how do you that? I know there are various ways, on this episode I’ll share what I do. I hope it can help.


-Dr. Kresimir Jug

Jan 25 - The Door Man Principle

Pretend your life is one room with only one door leading in and out.

The only way anything - a person, a career choice, a partner - can enter your life is through that one door. Likewise the only way they can exist is through that door.

At the door stands a door man carrying a list. On that list is a set of your values and nobody is allowed to get through the door and into your life unless they are on that list, meeting your values.

We’ve all had people, or things, in our lives, that we knew at the very beginning we shouldn’t associated with or let into our life. They don’t mesh well with us and they have brought pain an suffering. I’m not saying they are necessarily bad people, just not right for us.

The best way to avoid these things happening is to block these people from getting into your life in the first place. Use the door man principle to help.


-Dr. Kresimir Jug

Jan 18 - The Drug I’ve Been Addicted To My Whole Life 

It’s been a hard week. I had to say goodbye to a close family member. Someone I grew up with, had many experiences with and will miss tremendously.

During the whole process I noticed how the grief, trying to come to terms with the situation, and saying good bye, affected me. I was anxious, more judgemental, edgier and would do things - like bicker with my wife - for no good reason.

I also notice that when I was alone I would listen to music much more. I would want to hear songs that were familiar to me, that I knew the words to… and then I realize why I was doing this.

I was using music as something to ease my pain, to make me forget, to shift my focus, I was using it like a drug to help me cope, and I also realized that I’ve aways used music in that way.


-Dr. Kresimir Jug

Jan 10 - Follow Through With Your New Year’s Resolution 

If you’re old enough to remember the classic Seinfeld episode where Jerry Makes a reservation for a car rental you’ll quickly understand the most important point of this video.

In the episode Jerry is disappointed because the rental that he made, and was confirmed by the rental company falls through since the car is not there. The classic line was “You're great at taking a reservation, not so much at keeping the reservation.”

The same can be said with New Year’s Resolutions; it’s easy to make them, harder to follow through with your New Year’s Resolution, which is the topic of today’s video.


-Dr. K

Dec 21 - A Different Kind Of New Year’s Resolution 

It’s true that New Year’s is just a date and that you don’t need a certain date to set goals you can start anytime. It’s also true that you’ll probably fail at your New Year’s Resolutions, but this doesn’t stop me from loving this time of year.

I believe that quiet time, reflection, and planning (all qualities of a rational, reality oriented mind) are good whenever they happen, if the changing of calendar inspires you to do those things - then so be it.

This year I have a challenge for you, instead of picking a bunch of things that you would (better bod, more cash) how about you make a resolution to become the person you need to be to get those things, and then check in with yourself on a regular basis to see how you’re doing.

I’ll explain more in this episode…

Also, I’m taking some time off and I’ll be back on the week of January 9th, so Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and have a safe and Happy New Year.

-Dr. K

Dec 15 - How To Feel Purposeful And To Stop Procrastinating 

Dec 7 - How To Keep Moving Towards Your Vision And Not Get Side Tracked

Have you ever had a week where something unexpected threw a massive wrench in your plans, vision and goals?

That was last week for me.

Something, completely out of my control, has sucked up most of my time, focus and energy and the worst part is that dealing with it is not getting me closer to my goals.

So what should you do?

I don’t know much, but I have been alive long enough to know that things are always going to get in the way. In fact, the bigger and better you get, the bigger and meaner the obstacles will become. There is a tendency to think that one day you’ll get ‘there’ and you won’t have to work as hard - the opposite is true - when you get ‘there’ you’ll have to work harder to keep going.

This week I wanted to remind you to never lose focus of what it is you’re chasing, and always prioritize time to keep pursuing it. Does this mean becoming more organized and working harder? You bet! But it will be worth it.

Nov 29 - A Big Modern Parenting Challenge

Nov 23 - Improve Productivity With the High Performance Productivity Planner 

The biggest leverage for me right now is to waste less time, increase my focus and get more work done with the time that I already have allotted to the tasks I do.

I hope that made sense.

I don’t believe there is anything magic about productivity, I believe it’s like everything else and the same principles that apply to being productive apply to weight loss, or strength gain etc. 

The biggest gap for me right now is using the time I have to the best of my ability, I doing that by leveraging the journal Rachelle bought me, I’m excited to let you know how it’s been going.

-Dr. K

Nov 16 - Most Impactful Thing I've Done To Improve My Life

Nov 10 - How To Get Your Concentration Back

Have you ever had something happen that just completely busted your concentration? What about those days where focusing your mind just felt impossible?

I’ve been there, but I’ve had enough.

After an incident that happened in my practice this past week I had enough of something, other than myself, taking control of my mental focus.

I’m far from an expert at this, so I asked around, and I learned what people who are much better at focusing have been doing.

This week’s episode is all about what I’ve learned from them and what I’ve been, successfully, applying. I believe this conversation will be of benefit to you

Let me know how it goes.

-Dr. K

Nov 2 - Going Backward to Move Forward

Oct 26 - If You Feel Like Stopping, Don't 

If you’re at a point right now where you’re not having fun doing what you’re doing or things are getting tough to continue I just wanted to remind you to keep going.

I don’t think it’s possible to be super passionate and jazzed up about what you do all the time. Things get in the way, life gets stressful and that’s ok.

Just keep going.

Eventually you’ll be back at it, fully enjoying it, and happy that you didn’t stop.

-Dr. K

Oct 19 - Relationship Advice To Myself

Today is an important day for me. October the 17th, 2018 marks my 9th wedding anniversary.

My wife is my top value and I’m thrilled and proud that I’m able to celebrate this occasion and the fact that we’ve been together for 18 years in total.

It also got me thinking, since it hasn’t all been one smooth ride over 18 years, if I could go back and give myself the talk, what would I say? What have I learned over those years, and how could it be helpful.

That’s what this episode is all about.

-Dr. K

Oct 15 - Remember To Practice Self Kindness

Last week it was about scheduling some rest and downtime.

This week it’s been about not feeling guilty and getting back on track.

I hinted to it last week but it very challenging not to feel like a sack of garbage or a wuss when you take time off. All the old guild comes back: you’re slacking, you don’t really need rest, suck it up, etc.

I think there is a time for that self talk, I’ve definitely had extremely lazy moments in my past, but for most of us we are far too hard on ourselves.

This week is a simple reminder to be just a little kinder to yourself. No, it’s not ok to totally fall off track and lose focus, however it’s much harder and you’ll be gone for much longer if you think you’re a failure.

-Dr. K

Oct 6 - Scheduling Your Rest Days

Rest days and down time are really important.

It’s during down time and the healing of your body that all he connections are made and your body and mind get to rebuild to a higher level.

Even with knowing all that I still am not the best at getting all the rest that I need. This is a busy season of my life and with kids it’s even crazier.

The one thing that’s helped me the most is scheduling down and rest time first and foremost, before all other things. I know that if I don’t do it that way, that time will just get taking up by something else.

Have you tried scheduling your down time first? If so, what’s been your experience?

-Dr. K

Sept 28 - The Most Important Meeting With My Wife 

It’s the end of September and you know what that means? End of quarter 3 right?

I bet that’s not what you were thinking, but it’s true.

I want this to serve as a reminder that having a family meeting at the end of every quarter is a great idea. It’s not that the meeting itself is vital, it’s what’s discussed that is. Things like am I clear on what I want in life, am I presently working on those things to make them happen, where am I wasting time, what can do better and etc.

To be clear you don’t necessarily need a meeting to ask yourself those questions and answer them. I have found though, that as I’m working through the day to day, I can get overly focused on the tasks and forget about where I’m going. This meeting serves as a great reminder.

-Dr. K

Sept 20 - How To Be Thirty Three Percent More Productive 

“People who leave their phone off for the first hour of the day are 33% more productive” 

-Brendon Burchard

I just recently heard this idea. I won’t lie, my first thought was ‘BS.’ I’m a typical Croat in the sense that I’m cynical about almost everything the first time I hear it.

Thankfully I’ve learned that about myself and I’ve trained myself to try something new things even though I don’t initially believe them.

After 2 weeks of doing, all I’m going to tell you is that I think 33% is a bit of an under estimate. Let me explain what I mean.

-Dr. K

Sept 13 - Better Mental Energy 

Where your focus goes energy flows - Tony Robbins

I’ve never really understood that quote until this past weekend. Sometimes in my past it felt like my mind had a ‘mind’ of it’s own. I would (and still do sometimes) spend endless hours worrying about things and creating awful scenarios that just never happened or came true.

This weekend Rachelle and I went to the Archangel Summit in Toronto. Dandapani, a Hindu Priest, explained how you get to control and focus your mind - what you choose to focus on (good outcomes, negative outcomes, etc) creates a certain state of mind or energy. That state of mind will impact your actions which will change your results to match your energy.

-Dr. K

Sept 6 - The Big Step Of Going Back To School 

The start of September, because of the new school year, is like a mini new year. There is a new schedule, recommitment to goals and, things like routine and calendar become important household items again. Diet’s get ‘back on track’ and things settle into a rhythm.

I would like to make one small suggestion to you if I can. This year, please focus some of your mental energy around making your new habit, or recommitment to and old habit, a regular thing.

There is a night and day difference in results between those who are consistent and those who start then stop. It might be worth it to focus a little less on results, at least in the beginning, and more on making it a part of who you are. Advice I also need to take.

-Dr. K

Aug 30 - The Big Step Of Going Back To School 

August is the fastest month of the year by far because we all know what’s coming in September - back to school.

It’s amazing how much different back to school is as a parent. You understand the value of learning and knowledge, the power of routine and can literally see the growth and development happen on a daily basis.

It’s also very challenging. It’s hard to admit that your kids are growing, that you’re older and that our education system has a lot of challenges. But will all that aside, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

-Dr. K