Hi! I'm Adrienne

rachelleandstaff-4bwJust two short years ago and I was morbidly obese. I was addicted to anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medications.

I’m not the same person I used to be, and I’m ultimately grateful for that fact.

I was in so much pain that I had to take anti-inflammatory drugs daily. I hardly slept, and when I did, the night terrors came. When I awoke, I spent my day in a fog. I was caught in a vicious cycle and what seemed like no way out.

Even though I knew I was heading down the path to an early grave, I didn’t care enough about myself to change my ways.

I was too overwhelmed.

And then my 59-year-old mother died of a massive heart attack.

Somehow through the grief, I knew that I needed to make big changes if I wanted to see my children have children of their own. But even then I resisted. Then, I lost my job and, with it, my benefits package.

I couldn’t pay for my medications and ultimately went off of them cold turkey.

This would be the spark I needed to change. Once I was through the withdrawal process, I was able to think clearly enough to focus on other aspects of my life.

I began to eat clean and to move my body. It was a daily struggle. After a year I had lost a significant amount of weight but still had low energy and inflammation. I knew that I had to put the work in if I wanted to drastically improve the quality of my life.

On January 1st I quit smoking.

I stopped tracking my food. I started care at GFC and began to truly live my Life By Design.

Now I am medication-free. I am a non-smoker. I sleep like a rock. My self-esteem is blossoming, and I am now leaner and stronger than I have been since I can remember.

Trust me,

If I can do this being in the state of health that I was in, you can do it too.

- Adrienne

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