Hi! I'm Michele

Hi, I'm Michele.

Born and raised in London, Ontario, and happy to be joining the GFC Team.

I love honesty, respect, hard work, and my new cat Boo, who's taken the place of my long-term lifetime partner, my dog, Stewart, who I lost earlier this year. I hated going through that.

Since I'm on the topic of things I hate, I also hate peas, like a lot.

Now, enough about the negative, what about the positive?

I love people. I love helping them, interacting with them, and watching them get better.

I also love making sure that things are neat and tidy and work the way they're supposed to, which makes me think I've got the right position.

I will be honest; I don't know much about Chiropractic Care, let alone non-tradition or Structural Chiropractic care, but I do know my dad and stepmom swear by it and let anyone in earshot know they should be seeing a Chiropractor.

I also know that I'm excited to learn more, especially since I'm excited to improve my health and myself.

- Michele

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