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Why Gainsborough Family Chiropractic?

Because the traditional or general chiropractor only wants to get you out of pain.

We not only want to help get you out of pain, but we want you to live an EXTRAORDINARY life.

Traditional or General Chiropractic

These chiropractors focus on goals such as reducing inflammation, improving range of motion and reducing pain. This is how the majority of chiropractors practice and they are great at what they do. You can classify this type of care under treating symptoms and pain management.

Bio-Structural Restoration

This is the focus of the care used by the doctors at Gainsborough Family Chiropractic. Think of your spine as a tower. In order for the tower to be strong and healthy it has to have a solid foundation. If the foundation of the tower is weak, it will result in other weaknesses throughout the structure. No amount of patching or fixing the other parts of the tower would matter unless you first corrected the foundation. The goal of Bio-Structural Restoration is to fix the FOUNDATION of your body...

Structural Imbalances

If you have been to a doctor before, you know that there are normal measurements to assess your health. Medical doctors typically check for things like high blood pressure or high cholesterol.

The purpose of those tests is to ensure that those levels are normal and that you are healthy.

At Gainsborough Family Chiropractic we run tests on your spine and nerve system to ensure that it is healthy and normal. If any of your test with us come back positive, this would be an indicator  that you have a structural imbalance in your spine causing nerve pressure. This is what we would refer to as a primary problem.

Primary vs. Secondary Problems

If you have a structural imbalance in your spine causing nerve pressure this can cause a lot of secondary problems. The reason these things are called secondary problems is because they are a result of the primary problem (the structural imbalance.)

The local, Intensity and Severity of your Structural Imbalance will give us a more specific idea of what secondary problems could be happening in your body. Here is a list of secondary problems.

How do I know if I have a structural imbalance causing nerve pressure?

You might not. This is why we first need to perform tests to find out for sure.

Picture going in for your annual physical. Your medical doctor wants to run tests to make sure that you are healthy. She can't tell for sure, so testing is the only way to be certain. After all... things like high cholesterol don't have any symptoms.

The same is true with a Bio-Structural Chiropractor. We will perform tests first, then make recommendations only after we have studied your tests. To learn more about our testing procedures and how you can book a complimentary consultation click here.

Our Solution

There are many options that you could consider using for help; both medical and alternative. Most people try medication or other 'natural' remedies first. The goal of these is to shut off pain senses. If that doesn't work then the next level up would be pain injections, with surgery being the last and most invasive option. All these are meant to target your secondary problem, not your primary problem.

All these options are EXCELLENT when used at the proper time and in the proper context.

Our goal at Gainsborough Family Chiropractic is to correct the structural imbalance(s) of your spine and nerve system which will relieve a primary problem... namely nerve pressure.

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